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Deliveroo x Feeding Hong Kong Donation Matching Campaign

Deliveroo x Feeding Hong Kong Donation Matching Campaign

Huge thanks to your generosity, we've collected over HK$300,000 which is equivalent to about 60,000 meals for Feeding Hong Kong since the launch of our new in-app donation "Roundup" feature in June! Over 50,000 donations have been made by you to support Feeding HK's virtual food drive "Food Matters" in the past three months. All funds donated will continue to be used by Feeding Hong Kong to bulk-buy key staples, making every dollar go that much further and providing foods that are needed the most by charity partners across the city.

Today, we are proud to announce that we are going to match the first 10,000 donations* made to Feeding Hong Kong through the in-app feature, between the weeks of 21st September to 18th October, for a maximum total of HK$50,000. By doing that, not only do we want to encourage you to make a donation, but also raise awareness of the 16th October "World Food Day".

For more information about our in-app donation function and partnership with Feeding HK, please visit this post.

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Terms and Conditions

During the Campaign Period (21st September - 18th October, 2020), Deliveroo will match the first 10,000 tips that customers leave as donation to Feeding Hong Kong when placing an order on the Deliveroo platform in Hong Kong. Matched tips will be up to a maximum aggregate amount of HK$50,000.

By participating in this Campaign, customers accept the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Prior to checking out and making payment for your order, customers can elect to make a donation to Feeding Hong Kong (Donation) by either the roundup feature or choosing the desired amount shown in the carousel at checkout pagel. The Donation will be charged to the customer's nominated payment method at the same time as his or her purchase.
  2. Deliveroo shall match 100% of the value of each of the customer's Donation (Deliveroo Contribution).
  3. Maximum Eligible Donation: Deliveroo will match the first 10,000 Donations subject to a total aggregate cap of HK$50,000, during the Campaign Period.
  4. Feeding Hong Kong will receive the entirety of the Donations. Where there is a Deliveroo Contribution arising as a result of the Donation under the terms of this Campaign, the entirety of that Deliveroo Contribution will be passed to Feeding Hong Kong.
  5. Customers' Donations and Deliveroo Contribution from this Campaign will be transferred to Feeding Hong Kong at no later than 31st December, 2020.
  6. Payments of all Donations and Deliveroo's Contribution are subject to Deliveroo's fraud prevention policy. Any payment charge backs will nullify Deliveroo's commitment to pay the Donation or Deliveroo's Contribution.
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