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Deliveroo x Feeding Hong Kong Collaboration

Deliveroo x Feeding Hong Kong Collaboration

At Deliveroo, we are committed to making every roo-step in a sustainable and accountable manner to fulfil our corporate social responsibility. One of our imperative sustainable development goals is "Zero Hunger", which is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda 2019.

We deliver food. For us, there is nothing more gratifying than providing food, the simplest form of pleasure and blessings, to people. As advancements in food and technology continue, we wonder: what could we do to make sure no one falls behind and is left hungry? Under the overarching mission of Deliveroo, we are honoured to be working with Feeding Hong Kong (Feeding HK) towards achieving our shared goal - combating hunger.

Our Objective

As of today, there are more than 6,500 restaurants partnered with us, and as the demand for food delivery has grown exponentially in recent years, this number is set to multiply. We wish to utilise our platform to help Feeding HK and heighten public awareness of the fact that "1.4 million people in Hong Kong live in poverty [and] struggle to afford three meals a day." While we may live in a time where food is more accessible and convenient than ever before, many still struggle to put food on their tables. By facilitating an easy donation process and encouraging consumers to pledge their generosity to those in need, we have focused our efforts towards contributing to the work of Feeding HK and fighting hunger.

How can you contribute?

Through giving back to the community directly,  we will be working together with Feeding HK on a fundraising project to address the hunger issue locally. Starting from 22nd June, 2020, there is a "round-up" feature at the checkout page that allows you to correct your bill amount to the nearest next HK$10 dollar (e.g. $88 > $90, the $2 will be donated), or simply add on dollars to the total amount of your orders. 100% of the amount collected will then be donated to Feeding HK, which will go towards supporting their Virtual Food Drive, adding extra value to every order.  

Our app/website is equipped with a straightforward and secure donation process.  After you have added items to the basket, you will see the new feature that allows you to round up your bill or donate extra pre-defined amounts. Feeding HK will use all the funds raised for the Virtual Food Drive to bulk-buy key staples. These purchased bulk foods will help stock up Feeding HK's shelves with the foods most needed by charity partners. Click here for a list of Feeding HK's charity network.

We hope this collaboration with Feeding HK can raise public awareness towards local hunger and food waste issues, and generate a ripple effect. We hope to raise over HK$1 million in the next 6 months and encourage you to donate with just a few extra taps during your checkout process on the Deliveroo app/website. Every dollar counts!

More about Feeding Hong Kong

Feeding HK is a local registered charity whose mission is to reduce the amount of quality food sent to the city's landfills and fight hunger in Hong Kong. They do this by delivering a B2B logistics service, which links food companies with surplus stock to charities that are working directly to feed those in need. Last year, through their partnerships with the food companies, they saved over 823 tonnes of food from ending up in landfills. Instead, the food was redistributed to 140 charity partners, and more than 2.17 million meals were created for people in need. Their partners include senior centres, crisis shelters, central kitchens, after-school clubs, food banks, and other non-profit programmes.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Prior to checking out and making payment for your order, you can elect to round up your bill amount and/or donate an amount that you specify (Donation) at checkout. The Donation will be charged to your nominated payment method at the same time as your purchase.
  2. From 22nd June 2020 till 31st December 2020 Feeding Hong Kong will receive the entirety of the Donations.
  3. Payments of all Donations are subject to Deliveroo's fraud prevention policy. Any payment charge backs will nullify Deliveroo's commitment to pay the Donations or Deliveroo Contribution.
  4. Feeding Hong Kong will not issue an official receipt for the Donation to customers.
  5. You can find out more about Feeding Hong Kong's activities here.
  6. In the event the customer requests a refund of their order, the donated amount will not be refunded.
  7. These terms and conditions have been translated into Chinese. If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.
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