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  2. Deliveroo Partners with 5 Restaurants to Celebrate World Environment Day
Deliveroo Partners with 5 Restaurants to Celebrate World Environment Day

Deliveroo Partners with 5 Restaurants to Celebrate World Environment Day

Show Off Your Green Thumb and Plant Your Thank You Cards

To celebrate World Environment Day on 5 June 2022, Deliveroo has partnered with 5 restaurants to incorporate sustainability into customers' daily lives and create greener habits together! To eliminate single-use plastic tableware and practise more eco-conscious business operations, participating restaurant partners joined the company's subsidised sustainable packaging programme earlier this year, using plastic-free packaging provided by zero-waste company Sustainabl. Deliveroo will expand its engagement with these restaurant partners on World Environment Day by sending out a special thank you card created from "seed paper" with orders, encouraging consumers to adopt a greener lifestyle while enjoying delicious meals.

Every Deliveroo order placed at a designated restaurant on 5 June will receive a plantable thank you card (available on a first-come, first-served basis). Customers can put their notes directly into soil and water for planting, and once their plant sprouts, they can share a photo on their personal social media platforms. To match this action, Deliveroo will aim to donate HKD $20,000 to a local charity focused on habitat restoration by the end of the campaign.

This initiative is part of Deliveroo's global community-focused campaign, Full Life, which aims to utilise its unique network of riders, restaurants and grocers to support communities in cities where Deliveroo operates. In March of this year, the company launched a major sustainability collaboration programme with Sustainabl., a zero-waste packaging provider. Sustainabl. provides plastic-free, sustainably sourced home compostable and/or recyclable packaging solutions, while Deliveroo committed HK$2 million to implement a restaurant subsidy scheme.

Participating restaurant partners include:

Remember to place an order on Deliveroo on World Environment Day to receive a plantable thank you card. Let's adopt an eco-conscious lifestyle together!

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