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Here are your superheroes’ favorite food

Here are your superheroes’ favorite food

Avengers, assemble! Before we all rush into the movie theaters for the most anticipated superhero movie in history, join our nerdy team here at Deliveroo to discover what your heroes' favorite foods would be.

Iron Man - Cheeseburger


After being held by the Ten Rings for three months and making his escape from the cave, there is only one thing Tony Stark asked for - an American cheeseburger.

Grab a burger here.

Captain America - New York-style pizza


Where does Cap come from? Brooklyn. What is the Big Apple's most iconic food? The answer has to be pizza. Being a kid from Brooklyn back in the 1940's, we think that the pizza with large hand-tossed thin crust would be Steve Rogers' favorite.

Get your pizza delivered.

The Hulk - Braised fish fillets in hot chili oil


How do you turn Dr. Banner into the Incredible Hulk? All he needs is anger, or maybe some excitements to elevate his pulse rate. What kind of food is able to do the work? Fish with loads of chili.

Get hot headed here.

Thor - Americano


Born and raised in Asgard, Thor has never tried coffee until he met Jane. Apparently it became his favorite drink on earth right after.

I want this drink.

Spiderman - Roast Beef Sandwich


Being a full-time highschool student and a half-time superhero is a tough job. A quick lunch will save up some of Peter's time so he can focus on completing his assignments and fighting crimes at the same time.

Let's grab a sandwich, buddy.

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