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Best Places To Order Dessert In Hong Kong

4 of the best places to order dessert in Hong Kong

Whether your sweet tooth is crying out with cravings, or you're having some friends around and need snacks on hand to keep them happy, Hong Kong's foodie scene is a literal cornucopia when the time calls for all things sweet. Here's a few places for you to get to know.  

1. Honeymoon Dessert

Serving up a series of Cantonese delights, Honeymoon Dessert is the place to go if you're craving all those authentic flavours and traditional recipes. Our favourite here has to be the Thai Black Glutinous Rice With Mango And Coconut Milk – sweet, sticky and full of delicate coconut and mango flavours. If you need a healthy option though, you can't go wrong with their exotic Papaya & Snow Fungus Soup.

Where: Honeymoon Dessert, various locations

2. MingKee Dessert

If you're looking for a wide variety of desserts with more classic international dishes, MingKee Dessert is the place for you. While they serve a selection of traditional soups from sesame and almond to walnut and red bean, they also bake up fresh batches of cakes each day too.

We love their range of crème brulee, you'll find everything from a traditional French version to one flavoured with matcha. For something a bit different and all-out naughty, opt for the Crème Brulee With Marshmallow.

Where: MingKee Dessert, Causeway Bay

3. Xiao Tian Gu Dessert Kaffee

The next stop on our takeaway dessert tour of Hong Kong is a little more experimental with their flavours, but a must-try if you want to go for something new. Who would have thought that green tea would be such an ideal ingredient to add to their lighter-than-air soufflé waffles, doubled down with a scoop of green tea flavoured ice cream? We certainly can't fault it.

Where: Xiao Tian Gu Dessert Kaffee, Causeway Bay North

4. Royal Dessert

Royal Dessert serves up exactly that – magnificent, high-end dishes that are certain to leave lasting impressions at your dinner party tonight. While their rich, molten-middle chocolate lava cakes remain one of their most popular orders, we also love the thick, golden Belgian waffles that can arrive at your door with either strawberries or chocolate toppings.

Where: Royal Dessert, locations in Kowloon City and Tsuen Wan

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