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Blazing Korean Barbecue Spots On Deliveroo

4 blazing Korean barbecue spots on Deliveroo

Move over, America – it turns out Korea is the new king of the BBQ. Similar to its foreign cousin, Korean barbecues are all about friends, fun, flavour and – most importantly – meat. But variety is the name of the game here, subbing in exciting flavour medleys, seafood and all sorts of other goodies. It's not just ribs and burgers here.

We've rounded up some of the best Korean BBQ places here in Hong Kong, so you don't miss out on one of the biggest players in the foodie scene.

1. Sorabol Korean Restaurant

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Variety is the name of the game over at Sorabol. Here you'll find everything from sliced prime ribeye and pork neck to sliced green onions and leeks given the Korean barbecue treatment. And if you prefer to get your barbecue fix earlier in the day, for the Modum Gooi Set for lunch. This delight comes bursting with an assortment of grilled meats, and is sure to keep you fuelled up for the rest of the day.

Where: Sorabol Korean Restaurant, Tsim Sha Tsui

2. MeokBang Korean BBQ & BAR


If you're new to Korean barbecue, MeokBang Korean BBQ & BAR is a great place with start – charcoal grills are built into the dining tables, proving they're all about providing that up-close-and-personal grill experience. And you can reap the rewards straight from your sofa when you order in.

Fusing barbecue with other delicious Korean dishes, they mix and match main courses and snacks for an all-out authentic feast. The popular house special – curry smoked beef ribs with either rice or Korean sweet potato noodles – is a real treat. If you're wanting a break from the protein fest, opt for a Korean sushi roll vegetable mix and Meokong salad for a lighter touch. Or you can just go for the vermicelli with beef and vegetables, charcoal-grilled pork and tender beef rolls.

 Where: MeokBang Korean BBQ & BAR, various locations

3. Dong Dae Mun Korean Restaurant


 Beef ribs, chicken wings, pork chops – the guys at Dong Dae Mun have all the usual suspects. But you'll find these regulars jazzed up with a bit of Asian spirit, marinated in lemongrass or zingy spices. And in true barbecue spirit, they also offer up awesomely tender skewer of meat too. You'll also find some unfamiliar faces on the menu though. Take the Thai Style Chicken, wrapped in basil and grilled to sweet meaty perfection. The Grilled Enokitate Mushrooms also deserve some love though – these delights are wrapped in beef and tossed on the grill for a hearty meal like no other.

Where: Dong Dae Mun Korean Restaurant, Mong Kok

4. Mr. Korea BBQ

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 With a name like that, it's no surprise that the guys at Mr. Korea BBQ know a thing or two about how to rustle up some authentic meaty wonders. In true Korean spirit, the grills are installed into the tables themselves. They've got everything from Cheese Pork Baby Back Rib and Fried Prawns to Kimichi Pancakes and Fried Chicken.  There's all sorts to protein-packed delights to choose from on their menu – from soya or spicy fried chicken or Braised Beef Short Rib, or even octopus, crab and prawns.

 Where: Mr. Korea BBQ, Tsim Sha Tsui

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