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  2. 5 Must-have Food to Make Your Christmas Party a Success
5 Must-have Foods To Make Your Christmas Party A Success

5 Must-have Food to Make Your Christmas Party a Success

Tis' the season to celebrate! Hosting a party can be stressful. But worry not, Deliveroo is here to help! Check out the comprehensive guide below and find all the must-have party food that you should order. Then you realize throwing an unforgettable party is super easy!

🍕Pizza (Cafe Deco Pizzeria & PizzaExpress)


No party is complete without pizzas! If you're throwing a big party, don't forget to order a party set to make sure everybody has at least 2 slices.

🐟Poké (Pololi & POKÉWORLD) Deliveroo

With so many toppings to choose from, poké bowls are one of the easiest options for every party host.

🐔Fried Chicken (Koretaly & Goobne Chicken & McDonald's)


Koretaly Fried Chicken Drumstick


McDonald's X'Mas Party Combo includes Chicken McNuggets® x18, McWings x16, Chocolate Pie / Apple Pie x4, large Fries x4 (Free upgrade to Loaded Fries with Guacamole & Tomato Salsa Sauce), and medium soft drinks x6

Well, who can say no to fried chicken at a party?

P.S. Don't forget to use the promo code MCDXMASN50 (new Deliveroo users*) & MCDXMASX50 (current Deliveroo users**) while ordering from McDoanld's to get $50 off and 2 free deliveries! (Minimum order values are HKD150* & HKD180** respectively)

🍣Sushi (sen-ryo & Itacho Sushi)


Sen-ryo Sushi Platter

While some consider sushi a proper meal, some think they're delicious finger food. No matter what you think, you definitely can't go wrong with some fresh sushi.

🍰Dessert (Tai Tai Pie Pies & b. yourself Café - agnès b.)


Tai Tai Pie Pies Pumpkin & Spice Pie Deliveroo

b. yourself Café "Paris"

Making your guests happy isn't as difficult as you think it is - all you need to do is get everybody enough sweet treats at the end of your feast!

Still can't decide what to order? Find out more on Deliveroo now!

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