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4 Tips To Prevent Food Coma

4 Tips To Prevent Food Coma

Food coma, we've all experienced it..! What is it about food that makes us so sleepy? As we digest our meal, more of our blood is directed to the stomach and gut to help send away the absorbed digested metabolites. As a result, we have less blood for the rest of the body, causing us to feel a bit light-headed or tired.

Tired of getting sleepy after a delicious lunch at work? Here are 4 ways that can help you out!

1) Don't get too full

The first thing you need to do is not to get too full. It might be a bit difficult, but do try to limit yourself and don't fill your stomach up 100%!

Recommended meals from Kasa (Central), Viet's Choice (Kowloon Bay), Fresh Fish Soup (Tsuen Wan)

2) Eat smaller meals but frequently

Avoid having a big meal three times a day but fit in six mini meals instead. If you feel hungry during your breaks, fruits and nuts are great snacks to munch on.

Recommended meals from 12 Noon (Wan Chai), Délifrance (Kowloon Bay), Passion by Gérard Dubois (Kwai Fong)

3) Start a low-glycemic and high fiber diet

Eat low-GI carbs including beans, oatmeal and quinoa, etc. These types of food can keep your blood sugar levels steady and even help your body metabolise fat more efficiently.

Recommended meals from Pololi (Wan Chai), Youni (Tsim Sha Tsui), Kim's Bowl (Tsuen Wan)

4) Drink water

This might be quite obvious but we often overlook the importance of drinking enough water throughout the day! Water helps move food more quickly through your GI tract to get you back on your feet again. Time to fill up your glass of water!

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