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Dish of the day: churros

Dish of the day: Churros

Nothing quite satisfies your sweet tooth like warm, sugar-coated dough. Donuts might do the trick and pretzels might be perfect, but if you want lightly fried bites with an assortment of dips, churros are the only answer.

This Spanish-inspired dessert has certainly taken the sweet world by storm. Usually found in strips, these doughy sticks are great as a snack or a post-meal pudding. At Caliente, find them cut classically and dusted with cinnamon, Bread and Beast do theirs justice by dunking them in chocolate, and the churros at Chico Chica are served with a mocha dip for a twist.

The sweet and sugary fried pastry snacks

Made from dough and deep-fried, these lovely little snacks are as crunchy as they come. Often sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon as they cool, they're warm and delicately sweet.

People all over the world get in on the churro fun, with different countries offering up their own unique takes – like in South America, they're longer and straighter and can even come as a savory snack. You'll also find regional differences across Spain, with Basque Country preferring thicker versions, while over in Andalusia they keep them thinner and crispier.

A blurred history with a few cultural twists

Although they're assumed to have a Spanish history, churros have a bit of a foggy origin. Some say the Chinese style dough was introduced into Spain by the Portuguese, and others say Spanish shepherds created the churro as an easy-to-make snack to enjoy out in the mountains.

However, one thing's for sure, whoever we need to thank for these fried little guys has done the culinary world some serious justice. With the crispy coating and a sweet glaze, they're too good not to try.

Sweetened well and served with a dip

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Churros are the sweet little snack that can take on a few twists and turns. If you want to try a classic sample of some of the best, head to Caliente. Here, the churros are cooked fresh to order, and sprinkled in cinnamon for a sugary finish – you also get a moreish chocolate sauce for churro dipping fun.

And speaking on chocolate, if you're a fan of the cocoa-y goodness, order yours from Bread & Beast. Smothered in a gooey chocolate sauce, they're a sweet tooth's dream.

To find a sweet little twist on the classic right here in Hong Kong, head to Chico Chica. The short, straight churros are served up with a mocha dip to add a hint of coffee to an otherwise traditional sauce. Along with a little mocha ice cream, the warm and cool combination is a culinary win.

For a super sweet serving of your favourite Spanish style dessert, check out your churro choices here on Deliveroo.

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