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Dish of the day: fish and chips

Dish of the day: fish and chips

Golden crispy batter giving way to tender, flaky white fish, served with those crunchy yet fluffy potato batons – there's little more comforting than proper fish and chips.

What used to be considered a cheap-and-cheerful takeaway option is all grown-up. Fish and chips have gone gloriously gourmet – just ask the guys at Mr and Mrs Burger, Texas Burger and The Americano by Texas Burger.

A Simple Superhero

The clue's in the name of this dish. The simplicity of fish and chips is what makes it so alluring, but there is a big difference between the standard stuff and this superhero dish. Fish may be its name, but the batter is the star of the show. It's all about the heat of the oil – it's got to be hot to give that distinctive crunch.

Traditionally, fish and chips condiments of choice are those almost-luminous green mushy peas and a hit of vinegary tartare sauce – though if you want to drench this fish dish in ketchup, that's entirely your prerogative too.

If it's good enough for Charles Dickens…

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Back in the day, fish and chips was a stock meal for the working-classes in Britain, with the first chip shop – or 'chippy' – opening in 1860. It was a thrifty meal, which is where the English phrase 'cheap as chips' comes from, and the deep-fried dish was wrapped up in newspaper to carry home. By the 1930s, there were over 35,000 fish and chip shops all over England.

Its history cannot be any more typically English, as there's a bit of Charles Dickens thrown in there too. The first recorded mention of deep-fried potatoes – chips – was in Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities: 'Husky chips of potatoes, fried.' Charles Dickens – officially a big fan of the chippy.

The refined restaurant choice

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However, fish and chips is now not just a staple of a fast-food nation, but is a refined and sophisticated choice on today's restaurant menus.  While chefs may put a subtle signature twist on the dish, nothing ever veers too far away from the classic.

If you came here for fish and chips and nothing else, head to Mr & Mrs Burger. You'll also find all things traditional over at The Americano by Texas Burger too. Their Fish 'N' Chips goes for the British gastro-pub vibe and uses a beer batter – this makes it extra light and crispy, as well as adding to its rich golden colour. It's served up with fries, pea shoots and a house pineapple tartar sauce.

They keep things classy over at Texas burger too, so you can go for the standard, but they also give you a choice if you're feeling a bit out there. Get your deep-fried fish in a burger, where cod is met with cheddar cheese, lettuce and grilled pineapple tartar sauce.

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