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  2. Dish of the day: Pizza for Meat Lovers
Dish Of The Day: Pizza for Meat Lovers

Dish of the day: Pizza for Meat Lovers

The aroma of herby tomato sauce and the sight of bubbling cheese, the sizzle of meaty toppings fresh from the pizza oven, and the satisfying crunch of the crust. It can only mean one thing – a mouth-watering meat pizza.

Bringing a feast of multiple meat toppings, DK Pizza Café has their Meat Lover creation, Mother of Pizzas cooks up their popular Meat de Cavemen recipe, and Wildfire Pizzabar & Grill adds a BBQ twist to their meatiest offering.

A carnivore's dream

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Whether you go for spicy beef, barbecue chicken or a combination of meaty treats, the marriage of savoury meat, tangy tomato and creamy cheese has to be one of the happiest around. What could be better than piling this great trio of ingredients onto freshly risen and stretched dough before searing to bubbling, melting perfection in the oven?    

When your meat pizza emerges from the oven, the aromas are irresistible. The freshly baked crust is crunchy on the outside but soft and warm in the middle, while the flavours of the meat toppings merge with the classic toppings for a match made in food heaven.

A slice of history

Ancient Romans, Egyptians and Greeks all enjoyed the combination of flat bread topped with tasty morsels like cheese, tomato and herbs, but it wasn't until the workers of 18th century Naples needed portable meals that the pizza story really began.

When thousands of Italians relocated to the US, they took their pizza know-how with them, adapting and improving on the original recipe. The inventiveness of these Italian pizza chefs in America created a much broader range of toppings, including the invention of pepperoni, which have since proved massively popular. And today meat pizza is a worldwide favourite – with more than just pepperoni.

Variety is the spice of life

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Almost endless possibilities of tantalising, meaty toppings are out there, waiting for you. Maybe you're in the mood for a magnificent number of different flavours on your pizza – in which case, look no further than DK Pizza's Meat Lover. It comes with plenty of pepperoni, ham, beef, pork, bacon and chicken. That's a mighty meaty selection.

Over at Mother of Pizza, feed your inner carnivore with a Meat de Cavemen pizza featuring a classic trio of Italian sausage, pepperoni, and capicola, cured pork. A sprinkling of red onion rounds out the flavours.

Enhance the meaty kick with a great all-rounder at Wildfire Pizzabar & Grill. The BBQ Meat Lover adds smoky BBQ sauce to its feast of toppings including bacon, smoked ham, pepperoni and sausage, all garnished with bell pepper and red onion for some crunch and freshness.

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