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Dish of the day: poké bowls

Dish of the day: poké bowls

A refreshing and vibrant option for those who are tired of boring salads, poké is a delicious fish dish that hails from the sunny shores of Hawaii. As a healthy option ideal for any time of the day, it's no wonder that so many restaurants here in Hong Kong are now showing the poké some well-deserved love. Just check out places like Aloha, POKÉWORLD and The Poké Co and you'll see what we mean.

Born in Hawaii

Originating from Hawaiian cuisine and cooking methods, if you were to travel across the waters to those fair islands you'd find their most popular version hasn't changed all that much since its invention.

With the popular fish of choice being yellowfin tuna, chefs prep the delicate meat before bundling it up with a simple combination of salt, seaweed and ground kukui nuts. However, outside of Hawaii it's free reign when it comes to what included – from vegetables, rice, meat and herbs and seasoning – leading chefs across the world to come up with their own unique versions.

Something for everyone

Traditionally served raw, the subtle flavours and delicate textures of a traditional poké have become a firm favourite among takeaway orders throughout Hong Kong. Served alongside a mixture of fresh fruit and vegetables, it lends itself well to the trends of healthy living and clean eating that are being adopted around the world.

Even vegans can get in on the fun, thanks to places just like The Poké Co – their Straight Salad uses tofu, alongside dark, leafy greens, zucchini noodles, cucumber, tomato, BBQ corn, mixed onion, grated carrot, fried shallots, coconut flakes and their special house sauce.

Hong Kong's finest poké

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If you're sat wondering which version of poké you should try, why not start with something traditional from Aloha – opt for the Yellowtail for all of those classic Hawaiian flavours, or go for the Salmon, where the delicate fish is paired with a spicy yuzu sauce, sesame seeds, avocado and more, the perfect choice for people who prefer their food with a kick.

Or if you're headed out to the gym later and need a nutrient-packed lunch on the go, try the signature Protein Bowl from POKÉWORLD – rice layered with tuna, octopus, a lightly poached egg and a dash of sesame vinegar. And if you don't like these gourmet creations, you can always make your own here.

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