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  2. Dish of the day: Pork Dumplings
Dish of the day: Pork Dumplings

Dish of the day: Pork Dumplings

Light and fluffy these little bites may be, but never underestimate the power of a pork dumpling. Small, and pumped full of spectacularly seasoned pork, it only takes one taste to see why they're so special.

Pork dumplings are an Asian cuisine chameleon. Found in many different forms, enjoy a slightly different style every time you tuck into one of these wonders. Just check out how they do things at Bafang Yunji, Dim Dim Sum and Chiu Lung Dim Sum.

Doughy, delicate and stuffed with substance

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Dumplings themselves offer a roster of culinary fun. Predominantly thin dumpling wrappers stuffed with a flavoursome filling, they can come in many different styles. In classic Chinese cuisine, they're often steamed, and incredibly seasoned pork makes for the perfect padding.

Known as jiaozi, these little dumplings can take on a fantastic new taste by being panfried. Giving a crispy bottom to the otherwise soft and delicate dough, experience a slightly different vibe when you opt for fried. At Bafang Yunji, the choice is yours. Will the textured treat tickle your fancy, or will a beautifully boiled classic speak to you more?

From special occasions to a dim sum dream

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As history would have it, dumplings have been a delicacy in Chinese culture for a long time. The most common legend takes us back to the era of Three Kingdoms – a Shu Han general used dumplings to barricade a poison marsh.

And now, almost 2,000 years later, it's still a signature dish with a stamp on our culture. Saved for special family affairs – the celebratory Chinese New Year's Eve and Winter Solstice each December – it's a dish we choose to mark the most momentous of occasions with.

Whether eaten at an occasion or for a dim sum treat, a dumpling always goes At Dim Dim Sum, their take packs in a shrimp and pork mixture, and topped with crab roe for the most classic of conventions.

Will it be jiaozi or wonton for you?

Traditionally steamed or served crispy side up, dumplings offer up all sorts of textures. From the classic jiaozi to the staple shumai, no two ever taste the same. Chiu Lung Dim Sum do a classic steamed pork dumpling with a difference. Slightly open with a crab roe dressing, these dainty bites are undeniably moreish.

And a third contender enters the ring – the wonton dumpling. These beauties traditionally have a thinner dough wrapping and are commonly deep-fried and served with a sauce. At both Dim Dim Sum and Chiu Lung Dim Sum wontons come crispy with a sweet and sour dip, and at Bafang Yunji, the pearl wontons swim in a spicy sauce.

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