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  2. Dish of the day: Shanghainese wontons
Dish of the day: Shanghainese Wontons

Dish of the day: Shanghainese wontons

Light and filled up with all the best things, Shanghai-style wontons will hit you right in your heart. We've rounded up a few of our favourites, because as simple as they may be, Shanghai Po Po, Waitan Shanghai Restaurant and HAY! each have their own spin on these comforting little bites.

Dumplings filled with flavour

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A staple form of dim sum across a range of Chinese cuisines, these plump parcels might look simple, but they're packed full of flavour. First you take a thin, delicate square made from a traditional egg-based dough, spoon the filling into its centre, and wrap it up tight. Make sure to crimp the edges to prevent any unfortunate leaks.

Vegetables, seafood, any kind of meat – you name it, it'll go perfectly in a wonton. You can even sub in some herbs and spices too for a real treat. Whether you find them fried or steamed, they're going to leave a smile on your face.

A snack fit for royalty

We all know that wontons are the bomb, but did you know they're also a firm royal favourite? They originated from Northern China and date back to the Tang Dynasty. As a treasured treat of the Emperor and Empress, if they're good enough for royalty, they'll certainly do for us.

Today, they're still the most popular dumpling in Chinese cuisine. When cooked Shanghainese-style, they're typically filled with a minced pork and bok choy and often found floating in a warm, comforting chicken broth.

So many flavours

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While we're further south than Shanghai, we've still got loads of places here in Hong Kong serving up these delights. At Shanghai Po Po, you can get your wontons served up in a hot and sour soup, but it's the steamed version with pork and rice that gets our vote every time. And for traditionalists, HAY!'s homestyle cooking will put a smile on your face. Here they serve up their wontons in a simple, hearty soup.

Over at Waitan Shanghai Restaurant, they give you all sorts of options. Get yours steamed and packed with minced pork, served up in a spicy oil, or bundled in with a hot and sour soup. You'll also find these Shanghainese wontons fried, if you prefer your dumplings with a bit of bite.

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