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Dish of the day: twice cooked pork

Dish of the day: twice cooked pork

There aren't many meat cuts that compare to a good piece of pork. And even more so when it's been cooked twice – it's succulent, juicy and all-out awesome.

Of course here in Hong Kong you'll find a few different takes. From the spicy Chengdu-style dish you'll find at Deng G and the traditional take served up at The Dining Room, to the rice-packed goodies you can order from Chuan Yue Foods, twice cooked pork is having a moment here.

The expert eye

Twice cooked pork starts out simmered in a pan, bundled in with an aromatic herbs and spices, including favourites like cloves and star anise. The pork is then drained and wok fried over flaming heat with all sorts of different vegetables. Of all the elements to this dish though, it's the sweet sauce that's made it so popular, a mixture subbing in a dash of Shaoxing rice wine along with ginger, soy sauce, sugar and a rich chilli bean paste.

When you see twice-cooked pork on a menu, it'll usually be a pork belly cut that'll grace your dinner table. This is because the cut has a thin layer of fat throughout, adding a delicious depth to the double-cooking process.


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As with any ancient Chinese recipe, you'll find dozens of regional variations around Hong Kong. It's part of the Sichuan cooking style, a cuisine known for its bold, pungent flavours, characterised by the use of garlic and chilli. If you ask us, exercise caution when ordering in on date night – we suggest making sure you both get something with garlic for smooth sailing.

Another great thing about this twice cooked wonder is its versatility. You can sub in a different sauce and find yourself with a completely different dish, or add in a different vegetable medley to suit any taste.

Our top picks

One of our favourites is the fiery version served up at Deng G. They refer to this as one of their Home-Style dishes, so expect plenty of rustic cooking and authentic regional flavours here. If the pepper-heavy Chengdu style they whip up isn't quite your thing, you could opt for the subtler version cooked up by the top chefs at The Dining Room. They prefer to stick with tradition here, so if you've never tried this delight before, this is the place for you. You'll find a sweet and sticky version flavoured with hoisin and soy.

If you're feeling particularly ravenous though, the rice version of twice cooked pork served at Chuan Yue Foods is sure to hit the spot – just be sure to add a side of their homemade wontons for a really authentic feast.

Double the fun. Explore the great twice cooked pork dishes here on Deliveroo.

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