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Dish of the day: waffles

Dish of the day: waffles

Soft, sugar-coated and layered in chocolate, or crispy and covered with a gooey cheese sauce – savoury or sweet, the humble waffle has been delighting our senses for centuries. And it isn't about to stop any time soon with places like Waffling Beans, Boomshack, and Artisan Garden Café whipping up this classic in style...

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Brussels, Belgian, American or Pandan – there are dozens of waffle varieties, but it all started with a simple batter pressed between two metal plates. With medieval origins, this golden, crispy snack has continued to make waves throughout the foodie world.

In fact, Hong Kong has its own style of waffle sold as street food, usually circular in shape and served with a selection of sauces, from chocolate to peanut butter. You'll no doubt have seen 'grid cakes' served by pop-ups vendors around town, but it's more traditional Liege or Belgian waffles that you'll see crowning most takeaway menus.

Sweets for the sweet

As sugar became more easily accessible over time in Europe, it's the sweet variety that stole the waffle show, with popular toppings like exotic cinnamon or everyone's favourite: chocolate.

We think the waffle's seemingly infinity popularity has something to do with its versatility – you can pile almost everything on these crispy delights and it'll be a real treat. The foodie world is your oyster when it comes to waffles.

Savoury numbers

Although you can't beat a sugary covered number,  it's savoury varieties that people adore for breakfast and brunch. If you're in need of a real wake-up call, you can always order the luxurious All Day Truffle Egg Breakfast to your bedside from the Artisan Garden Café – a hot, fluffy waffle combined with the finest quality sausages, mushrooms, truffle and creamy scrambled eggs, plus a freshly-baked croissant on the side.

Over at Boomshack, they get in on the American vibe when it comes to waffles, serving up their delights with crispy, fried chicken. Opt for yours with a sriracha honey glazed sauce, or go for the Mexican cheese for your waffles topped with chicken and drizzled with a tangy, white queso sauce.

If you're having people around to your place though, Waffling Beans have the ideal sharer solution – not only can you order bitesize fried chicken and waffle burgers with homemade coleslaw, bacon and feta cheese, but they have a wide variety of waffle sandwiches, from chicken schnitzel to melt-in-the-mouth pork shoulder. And there's always the fruity version if you prefer your waffles topped with all things sweet.

If you're feeling peckish, you can order any of these delicious waffle dishes to your door right now through Deliveroo.

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