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  2. 6 Eggcellent Dishes That’ll Make You Say, “YAASSS”
6 Eggcellent Dishes That’ll Make You Say, “YAASSS”

6 Eggcellent Dishes That’ll Make You Say, “YAASSS”

Sunny side ups, over easy, scrambled… how do you like your egg cooked? No matter what your choice is, this list of 6 unusual but delicious egg dishes will surely amaze you!

Fried Egg with Star Jelly (Baby Black Fungus) - Yau Yuen Siu Tsui (Yau Ma TeiCentralWanchai


Satisfying and healthy, match this with their signature Shanxi style pita bread for a fulfilling meal.

Scotch Egg | Happy Valley Bar & GrillHappy Valley


Perfect for a lunch break, or a relaxing fishing trip over the weekend. It's not the healthiest type of food, but you do want to treat yourself with something comforting once in awhile.

Meat Pie With Salted Egg Yolk | Meat Pie GorTsuen Wan

Chinese meat pie (or Chinese meatloaf) has to be one of the most iconic dishes that you will find from a local family dinner. The lava-like salted egg yolk will make you ask for more.

Hot Custard Molten Buns|Yum ChaTsim Sha TsuiMong KokCentral


Caution: These adorable buns are full of hot, sweet and addictive yolky custard, be very careful when you take that bite!

Cloud on Toast | Time to EatSai Ying Pun


This is not your typical soufflé. The chef intelligently matched egg white and ingredients such as bacon and black truffle, and put them on to a crunchy toast. Simply irresistible.

Siew Mai with Quail Egg | Ding Dim 1968Central


The quail eggs help complete this iconic dim sum and bring it to the next level. It is a real stunner and expect to be perfectly satisfied!

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