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11 Picks to Bid Farewell in Workplace

11 Picks to Bid Farewell to your Colleagues

It is a tradition for Hong Kong locals to buy their colleagues some treats when they decide to leave a workplace. No matter if it's a good ride or not, you want to be thankful and leave with appreciation and blessings. Here are some ideas on what you can get for your dream team, marking the end of the unforgettable journey that you all share.

1. CRUMBS & Ilaollao | Light and Handy Sweets

You don't want people to forget all the good and sweet memories- give them a piece of cake with light sugar, or a cup of Fro-Yo combining sugar with a hint of sourness. The incredible taste will stay in their memory and remind them of how great you all worked together.




2. The Best Choice for Interns | Mrs. Fields Cookies & King Bakery

Giving out some cookies or egg tarts could be an affordable choice. These popular snacks fit almost everyone's tastes!


Mrs. Fields CookiesDeliveroo

King Bakery

3. Insta-worthy Cupcakes | Sift Patisserie & Twelve Cupcakes 

With numerous of delicious flavours, cupcakes are undoubtedly young ladies' favourites. These fancy and colourful cupcakes will get you tons of likes on Instagram!


Sift PatisserieDeliveroo

 Twelve Cupcakes

4. Scream for Ice Cream! |  XTC & Emack & Bolio's & GROM

Ice cream is a perfect choice to beat the heat. Trust us, these sweet treats will even attract the strangers from another department to come over and say goodbye!


XTC Deliveroo

Emack & Bolio's



5. Handmade Chocolate Butterfly Crackers | Godiva & 2/3 Dolci 

Impress your team with some graceful and tasty Belgian chocolates. To be extraordinary, try giving out some handmade butterfly crackers!


2/3 Dolci



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