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  2. Feel like chicken tonight? 5 of the best spots for Korean fried chicken
Feel like chicken tonight? Best spots for Korean fried chicken

Feel like chicken tonight? 5 of the best spots for Korean fried chicken

Move over, America – Korean fried chicken is the new kid on the block. This dish might have been inspired by its star-spangled cousins, but now it's an entity all of its own. Double-fried, crispy, juicy and spicy, chicken just hasn't been the same since this contender cruised onto the scene. Here's five of our favourite places to get our deep-fried chicken fix.

1. Han Sung Korean Cuisine

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Korean fried chicken has a whole world of possibilities in it. Han Sung offer their signature chicken with a range of sticky sauces – sweet chilli, sweet and sour, soy, or the original sticky classic. You can opt for wings too, if you're feeling like a smaller serving with the same unmistakable flavours.

Where: Han Sung Korean Cuisine, locations in Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui

2. Jinjuu

Jinjuu is Korean for 'pearl' – and this restaurant aims to be the pearl of Hong Kong's Korean scene. Celebrity chef Judy Joo heads up the kitchen, and insists that nobody can leave without trying her world-famous fried chicken. They offer their Australian free-range chicken as thighs or wings, paired with signature Gochujang Red and Jinjuu Black Soy sauces and served up with pickled radish.

Where: Jinjuu, Soho

3. Moyo

Moyo's spicy fried chicken comes marinated in different sauces, depending on your preferred spicy levels. Soy garlic and honey mustard are both mild and mellow, with more flavour than fire. But the homemade spicy sauce adds a real kick – and the regular kind just comes crunchy, crispy and boneless.

Where: Moyo, Soho

4. Uncle Padak

In love with more than one fried chicken flavour? Uncle Padak has tapped into a niche in the market by offering half and half combo boxes, letting you try two different kinds of chicken at once. Do you want Black Padak Barbecue, White Padak Ranch, sweet and spicy, plain soy, or something else entirely? Split a box with a friend, or simply enjoy the different kinds on your own.

Where: Uncle Padak, Sai Ying Pun

5. Goobne Chicken

If you like variety, Goobne Chicken is the place for you. Here you'll find everything from Deep Cheese Chicken to Fruity Soy Chicken. We love the aptly named Volcano Chicken, a fiery coated number that'll leave your mouth zinging.  

Where: Goobne Chicken, locations in Soho and Tsuen Wan

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