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Go green!

Last month we celebrated Green Monday's 5th birthday on April 22. The organisation is a social startup group that aims to tackle climate change and global food insecurity by making low-carbon and sustainable living simple, viral and actionable. Founder David Yeung explains "the idea of Green Monday is we're not trying to convert anyone to become a vegan, but rather [we can perhaps] all shift towards a more plantcentric diet". He believes "all over the world and now in Hong Kong, vegan food has never been sexier and more attractive".

We are in full support of the notion of sexy sustainable eating, which is why we partnered up with over 40 restaurants to celebrate Green Monday turning 5. Come join us in this evolutionary food journey!

Previously we have already introduced Green Common's Beyond Burger, Wong Chi Kei's Assorted Mushrooms Stir-fried Noodles and PizzaExpress' Beyond Sloppy Giuseppe, so here are 5 more of my favourite plant-based dish choices!

Andy's Chili Party


The Dish: Clear Noodles in Chili Sauce (HK$38)

Why we love it: If you love spice you will definitely love this one - the home-made chili sauce really packs a punch and has a rich umami flavour to it that will make all meat-lovers wonder "is it really that bad to be a vegetarian"? The clear noodles have a great bite to them and the thickness and texture of the noodles grab on to every bit of sauce that makes every mouthful truly a chili party in your mouth.

Princess Kitchen


The Dish: Princess Dragon Bowl (start from HK$50)

Why we love it: The weather is getting hot and all we're craving for is ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream. The Dragon Bowl is a great healthy alternative and you'll definitely love it if you're a fan of acai bowls. The bowl is constructed with a base of luscious antioxident-pumped dragon fruit blend and topped with seasonal fruits like berries and bananas. A refreshing and delicious treat during the summer!

Loyal Dining


The Dish: Vegetarian Scrambled Egg & Rice with Scallion & "Prawns" 滑蛋素蝦飯 (HK$82)

Why we love it: Scrambled eggs with prawns is a staple of Cantonese home cooking, it's always a good time when you come home and see this at the dinner table. It pairs perfectly with steamy white rice and goes with almost any other dish your mom decides to cook for the night. Loyal Dining's vegetarian version will have you convinced it's the real deal unless someone tells you the shrimp is actually made from beancurd. Give it a try if you don't believe me!



The Dish: Vegan Burger (promotional price HK$88)

Why we love it: At Honbo, they are dedicated to their craft and everything you find at the joint is home-made. The vegan patty for their Vegan Burger is crafted with a blend of sauteed mushrooms, roasted eggplants, toasted cashews, finely chopped leeks and a secret mix of spices. Topped with black fungus and special home-made spicy umami sauce, the burger is decadent and full of flavour, and has been noted to be as good as their famous beef burgers!

Spicebox Organics


The Dish: Paleo Biryani (HK$99)

Why we love it: Spicebox Organics has gained a loyal following since opening in  2012 for their delicious vegetarian and vegan cooking. This vegan and paleo dish is incredibly healthy and packed full of flavour, thanks to the eggplant and onion laced with SpiceBox special biryani spicemix. The fragrant mixture is layered into a soft fluffy base of cauliflower rice, which balances out all the spices while adding extra doses of Vitamin C, protein and all other kinds of health benefits!

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