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  2. 4 of Hong Kong’s best lobster rolls
4 of Hong Kong’s best lobster rolls

4 of Hong Kong’s best lobster rolls

Sometimes, simple is best. Just look at lobster rolls. This American-born wonder really is no more complicated than it sounds. Beautiful soft lobster meat is paired with mayonnaise and salad and served in a soft, fresh roll. There are loads of restaurants here in Hong Kong that show the lobster roll a bit of love, so we've rounded up a few of our faves.

1. MAMA Burger & Lobster

There are no prizes for guessing that what MAMA Burger & Lobster do best are hamburgers and lobster dishes. This focus means that they really get the best out of their ingredients. The lobster roll here is served up simple with a light Japanese mayonnaise and the roll is toasted for a crisp finish.

Where: MAMA Burger & Lobster, Cheung Sha Wan

2. Lobster Central

Lobster Central is a restaurant on a mission – the team strives to create the perfect lobster roll by stripping the dish down to its bare essentials. Their rolls are 'served naked', which – we promise – isn't as disturbing as it sounds. Mayonnaise and salad are deemed overkill, and instead the lobster is dressed with a subtle drizzle of homemade lemon butter. Each roll is made with one whole Maine lobster too, filled with meat from the knuckles, tail and claws.

Where: Lobster Central, Central and Causeway Bay

3. Hungry Lobster

The chefs at Hungry Lobster take a slightly different approach. Rather than stripping down the dish, they have a 'more-is-more' attitude. While the Signature Lobster Roll is undoubtedly a popular choice here, there's something else on offer that raises the culinary bar – their Lobster Roll and Steak Combo. This surf-and-turf dish pairs a classic lobster roll with your choice of an 8oz rib eye, sirloin or a hearty portion of short ribs.

Where: Hungry Lobster, Causeway Bay

4. Fishsteria Seafood Place

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Fish and hysteria come together with spectacular results at Fishsteria. This restaurant is a seafood concept experience by Italian Chef Gianni and his passion really comes through in the lobster roll. Choosing to keep the dish classic, he uses butter, lettuce and mayonnaise, with a squeeze of lemon for a citrus burst.

Where: Fishsteria Seafood Place, Wan Chai

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