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Hong Kong’s hottest lunch spots

5 of Hong Kong’s hottest lunch spots

Whether it's a weekend date with friends or a break from a busy day in the office, nothing beats a proper lunch. Forget about your regular sandwich at work or hole-in-the-wall noodle bar – lunchtime has gone trendy. Even better, you don't have to head outdoors. We've rounded up some of our favourite spots for bringing lunch to your door.

1. Posto Pubblico

Italian food is synonymous with hearty, wholesome goodness – but Italian small plates are the perfect lunch choice. Posto Pubblico serves up their New York-inspired Italian fare with fun and flair, showing off the simplicity of just a few ingredients. We love their Arancini – balls of deep-fried risotto served with peas and house sauce – or a fresh salad full of roasted beets, cured pork cheek and tangy goats' cheese.

Where: Posto Pubblico, Soho

2. Sumac

Lebanese food is cool in a big way. Designed to be eaten in hot climates, this cuisine emphasises sharing – so meals come family-style, with a whole host of small dishes to dip into and split with friends. Sumac arranged their menu by cold and hot options. Must-have cold mezze includes baba ghanoush and tabbouleh, while the perfectly grilled halloumi hits the spot from the hot mezze selection.

Where: Sumac, Soho

3. Linguini Fini

Linguini Fini takes fusion to the next level, combining American cuisine and local Chinese cookery to create new takes on classic Italian dishes. Their Pork & Shrimp Tortelloni is a version of the ubiquitous wonton dumplings, served with spicy tomato sauce. The pizzas are Naples-style thin but with New York-inspired toppings, while the appetisers and mains mix rural European ingredients with the ingenuity generated by big cities. Whatever you order, it's a little bite of multiculturalism.

Where: Linguini Fini, Soho

4. Aberdeen Street

With a Mediterranean menu, Aberdeen Street makes food perfect for any time of the day when you need some refreshment. Their bright salads are full of fresh ingredients and zingy dressings – all named after local roads – while their mezze dishes incorporate everything from Greek samosas to Asian spring rolls and Mexican quesadillas. What's more, they have a diverse vegetarian selection, making it easy to feed even the pickiest diners.

Where: Aberdeen Street, Soho

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