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  2. Oh la la: 4 of Hong Kong’s best French dishes
Oh La La: 4 Of Hong Kong's Best French Dishes

Oh la la: 4 of Hong Kong’s best French dishes

Rich meats, delicate pastries, and decadent desserts. You know we're talking about French food. Sometimes you just can't beat sweet baked goods for breakfast, hearty mains when you're feeling a bit fancy, or desserts that always go down a treat.

And for that reason, we've rounded up some of our favourite French dishes that you can get right now through Deliveroo.

1. Blueberry Danish, Passion by Gérard Dubois

What better way to start your day than with a fresh pastry? And who does baked goods like the French? While you could opt for your classics like the traditional croissant, we think you just can't beat Gérard Dubois' impressive selection of Danish pastries. Dubois has been credited with opening the very first La Rose Noire patisserie in Hong Kong, so you know this stuff is the real deal.

And Dubois being Dubois means that this Danish is not your standard Danish. The pastry is buttery and crisp, filled with expertly made crème patisserie, and topped with plump blueberries and an extra dusting of icing sugar.

Where: Passion by Gérard Dubois, various locations

2.  ¼ Roast Chicken… à la Française, Poulette –  French Rotisserie

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We think it's hard to beat a properly done, properly French, rotisserie chicken. And at Poulette – French Rotisserie, they do just that. Choose your size to match your hunger – anywhere from a quarter through to a whole chicken cooked on a spit.

We love the quarter chicken, for an on-the-go lunch that'll make your packed lunches pale in comparison. Though they offer up a whole host of flavour-loaded chickens – including harissa and Moroccan – you can't be the classic 'à la Française' with quintessentially French herbs.

Where: Poulette –  French Rotisserie, Happy Valley

3. French Duck Confit, Le Cleret Brasserie 嘉禧餐廳

Le Cleret Brasserie is one of Hong Kong's most authentic French restaurants. Everything they make here is full of love and a little je ne sais quois.

We think their French Duck Confit with Balsamic Glaze hits the mark every time when we're craving a true taste of France. Tender duck is drizzled with a rich and zingy balsamic glaze, served up with a crunchy mixed leaf salad. It's fancy, it's fresh, and it's all-out French.

Where: Le Cleret Brasserie, Central

4. Chocolate Éclair, B.A.M Le Garde Manger

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We can't talk about French cuisine without an honourable mention of their desserts – you've always got to end on something sweet, and they do it in style at B.A.M.

Though some people will prefer a lighter option after the richness French mains, we prefer to stick to the doughy chocolatey goodness that is the chocolate éclair. Cream, chocolate, and pastry – what could be better?

Where: B.A.M Le Garde Manger, Sai Ying Pun

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