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Places for Perfect Pineapple Buns

6 places for perfect pineapple buns

Cheap and delicious, pineapple buns have a special place in our hearts – and stomachs. They were even listed as a part of Hong Kong's intangible cultural heritage in 2014. So where should you look if you're hoping to get some of Hong Kong's best buns brought to your door? Luckily, we know just the places…

1. Teakha

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Teakha is all about great tea, and brilliant buns to go along with it. You can get your bun plain, or – for a fuller brunch time snack – split it open and load up with savoury toppings to make the pineapple bun sandwich of your dreams.

Where: Teakha, Sheung Wan

2. Match Box

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In a quieter part of Causeway Bay stands an eatery that takes you back to the 80s. Match Box serves freshly baked pineapple buns every day – either plain or with a pat of butter inside them. They're perfect for breakfast, but we totally get it if you want to tuck in any other time too.

Where: Match Box, Caroline Hill

3. Warren Restaurant

Let's carry on with the sandwich pineapple bun tradition. Warren Restaurant loves to experiment with different bun fillings, but they've hit upon a few favourites. Their beef and scrambled egg bun makes a great lunch to grab and eat on the go.

Where: Warren Restaurant, Causeway Bay

4. Dim Dim Sum

How about a taste of pineapple buns – but actually made with pineapple this time? Rather than just making the top resemble the bumpy fruit's skin, Dim Dim Sum have gone a step further and filled their buns with a tart pineapple custard. Why didn't we think of this before?

Where: Dim Dim Sum, five locations around the city

5. Waso Café

You don't have to rely on bakeries for the best buns around. Waso Café's pineapple buns are a signature dish, and big enough to really sink your teeth into. They're sweet, golden, and go great with a cup of steaming hot milk tea.

Where: Waso Café, Kwun Tong

6. Stanley Cave

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This secret gem of a bakery is the kind of place that locals wish fewer people knew about. Stanley Cave's warm pineapple buns are a pick-me-up that works any time of day – soft on the inside, crispy on the outside, and subtly sweet all the way through.

Where: Stanley Cave, Stanley

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