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Story Behind The Dish: Egg Tart

The story behind the dish: egg tart

Buttery, flaky pastry encasing a rich, sweet filling so delicate that it practically melts in your mouth – the egg tart is a dessert that people throughout the world have come to know and love, especially in Hong Kong.

You'll find it served up in every kind of eatery, from top restaurants to quaint bakeries. Our favourite place to order from is King Bakery – they have all sorts of different types too, from the classic flaky pastry to a durian flavoured tart.

Egg tart, Hong Kong style

 Depending on where you're used to ordering these oven-baked delicacies, you may have come across three main recipes for the dish. In Britain, a very similar version is the egg custard tart, while in Portugal, the classic nata is a well-known type of street food.

 Here in Hong Kong though, it's the Chinese egg tart that reigns supreme, with the traditional recipe used coming all the way from Guangzhou, when chefs migrated here in the 1950s. Known by many as the dessert version of dim sum, its popularity within Hong Kong quickly grew, and today, you'll find them in just about every bakery window.

Simple but effective

 The success of this dish is in its simplicity. The recipe for egg tart, minus the weird and wonderful flavours that some chefs choose to add, starts with a rich pastry, either puff or shortcrust, filled with a creamy egg, milk and sugar filling.

 Of course, there'll always be people who want to be unique and experiment. Keep things sweet with honey, add some heat with ginger or take a leaf out of British cookery with a sprinkling of nutmeg or cinnamon.

Tea for more than two

 With its subtle flavour and soft texture, it's not hard to see why this tart has become such a much loved and ordered favourite in Hong Kong. Whether you're having a group of friends around for tea and tarts, or your sweet tooth is craving something rich and buttery, we're certain that the traditional Chinese egg tarts served by King Bakery will hit the spot.

 In fact, their most popular takeaway orders are sets – perfect for sharing or giving to a friend with a soft spot for this anytime treat. Spoil your family and order an indulgent assortment of 12 egg tarts in both the butter pastry and flaky varieties for their next visit.

Find out what goodies are on offer at King Bakery, check them out here on Deliveroo.

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