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Story Behind The Dish: Lobster Roll

The story behind the dish: lobster roll

There's little more luxurious than fresh lobster. This crustacean is a real delicacy, the soft white meat needing only a touch of mayonnaise and a good squeeze of lemon to bring out all the delicious flavour. One super fun way to enjoy it is in a lobster roll, a simple sandwich that can sometimes be hard to get right. Wan Chai anchor, Fishsteria Seafood Place, have kept things simple with their stunning version of the classic.  

A New England tradition

Hailing from New England, this lobster dish is typical of the American knack for preparing food in a straightforward way to get the best out of it. Once cooked, the lobster meat is delicately seasoned and mixed with mayonnaise before it's packed into a soft roll – the perfect vehicle for this highly prized ingredient.

It's the lobster that does all the talking in this wonder, and by letting it speak for itself – and not overloading it with other flavours – the classic roll is a great tasting dish full of easy elegance.

Not as simple as it sounds

First, the lobster has to be perfectly cooked. A whole lobster takes only minutes to boil, if it's left in the pot for too long it will toughen. Then there's the bread – a hotdog roll is the classic choice, but if the bread is too thick it masks the flavour of the lobster, so you'll often find brioche buns subbed in instead. Finally, getting the sauce to lobster ratio is critical – too much will drown the lobster meat and make the bread soggy.

King of the sea

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By scrapping the traditional American hotdog roll and replacing it with rich, sweet brioche, Fishteria's take is already a cut above the rest. Lettuce provides a fresh crunch and complements the rich lemon butter and mayo. We can't think of a better desk lunch or breezy, sophisticated dinner, maybe paired with a clean, crisp white wine if you're off duty.

Whether you haven't tried a lobster roll before, or if you're already a dedicated fan, give this one a try at Fishsteria Seafood Place with Deliveroo.

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