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  2. The story behind the dish: rice noodle roll
The story behind the dish: rice noodle roll

The story behind the dish: rice noodle roll

Rice noodle rolls are always a delight. Although they're a familiar dish, when they're cooked by a master they're difficult to beat. The delicate softness of the steamed roll wrapped around the filling, with a little bit of soy sauce drizzled over, make them little pieces of paradise. And with the endless variety of fillings to choose from, it's really impossible to tire of this culinary classic.

For a great little selection of these little bundles, look further than Meen & Rice. This restaurant has perfected the form and has plenty to offer any rice noodle roll connoisseur.

It all started centuries ago…

Like other components of dim sum, the backstory of rice noodle rolls is rather romantic….

Centuries ago, traders and travellers moving along the Silk Road would rest and recover their strength at roadside teahouses. Serving both tea and convenient, nutritious little parcels of food, these teahouses soon became popular and their cuisine made its way into everyday life.

This ancient type of street food has of course been updated over the years into the delicious dim sum of today, and rice noodle rolls are seen on every cart and menu.

Craft secrets…

The essence of any good rice noodle roll is using fine rice flour dough. This takes a whole lot of skill to get right as it's super difficult to handle. Before going into the steamer, the dough is spread onto a sheet and the tasty fillings are placed on top. After a few minutes of cooking everything is quickly rolled and chopped into those well-known, delicious morsels.

A new look at an old recipe

So what makes Meen & Rice such a favourite for rice noodle rolls? Well by narrowing their menu's focus to the four basic Cantonese food groups and seeing them as the heart of their restaurant, the chefs have taken a fresh view on congee, rice noodles, flour noodles and rice, reflecting Hong Kong's noodle shop culture.

The Fresh Shrimp and Fresh Scallops rice noodle rolls are hard to resist, as the delicate seafood makes a great companion for the soft rice noodle. Of course, if you're more partial to meat fillings, the Sliced Beef or Barbecued Pork has to be the one for you. Or, if you want to indulge, why not treat yourself to the best of both worlds with the House Speciality?

Rice noodle rolls that have stood the test of time, rejuvenated by Meen & Rice. Order yours on Deliveroo.

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