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Story Behind The Dish: Wonton noodles

The story behind the dish: wonton noodles

Prized across the country for its unique balance of flavours, delicate wontons and soft noodles, wonton noodles are synonymous with the sights and sounds of Hong Kong. With fresh seafood straight from the harbour, the warming fragrance of green and yellow chives, ginger and toasted sesame – it's no wonder it's one of the most popular dishes in town. You'll be able to find it at restaurants all over the place, just like Wong Chi Kei.

Serving up Hong-Kong style

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This dish has been popular in China for decades, but there are very strict rules on how wonton noodles should be cooked and served up in Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Wontons are usually filled with prawn and served up with fresh, thin noodles cooked al dente – and the two core building blocks are packed into a piping hot soup and garnished with zingy garlic chives. But that's not all. The spoon must be placed at the bottom of the bowl, with the wontons above it and the noodles on top to prevent over-cooking. Though it seems a bit strict, this traditional method results in the best texture.

The rule breakers

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From street vendors to restaurant tables, wonton noodles' popularity has seen it consistently reinvented over the years. Originally a Cantonese dish, it has variations across Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, who freely break from the Hong Kong tradition.

In Malaysia, wonton noodle recipes vary from state to state – but their most popular version sees char sui pork added to the dish, finished with lashings of rich oyster sauce and garnished with spring onions. Over in Thailand, they add a smoky barbecued pork seasoned with local spices, and prefer to turn the spice up by adding both chillies preserved in vinegar and dried chilli flakes into the broth.

What's your favourite flavour?

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There are dozens of different recipes for this dish, but for true authenticity, Wong Chi Kei is a huge hit. They keep to the subtle flavours and old-fashioned cooking methods that have sustained this dish throughout the years.

With over 70 years of experience in the kitchen, you can enjoy the same traditional, wholesome food of the region. Get their authentic shrimp wonton and dry egg noodle dish straight to your door, and enjoy the comforting taste of home-style food.

Whether it's a steaming bowl of wonton noodles, or another classic Hong Kong dish, don't wait around to sample Wong Chi Kei. Order through Deliveroo today.

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