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5 Potato Dishes You Should Try Today

5 Potato Dishes You Should Try Today

When it comes to healthy ingredients, potatoes are often underrated and overlooked. In fact, potatoes are high in many nutrients and are low in energy comparing to other starchy food. Today we have handpicked 5 delicious dishes made with this humble ingredient and you can order them right away from deliveroo.

Yau Yuen Siu TsuiYau Ma TeiCentralWan Chai


Let's start with something savoury. The Fried Spicy and Sour Shredded Potatoes from the Michelin restaurant is the perfect dish to match with an ice cold pint.

London House by Gordan RamsayHung Hom


Bangers & Mash, one of the most iconic dishes you can find in London. Gather your friends and order this irresistible dish from the celebrity chef's restaurant for a fun evening.

Oliver's Super SandwichesAll outlets


How could anyone resist the aroma from a baked potato? With different toppings to choose from, this dish is a great choice for a quick and filling lunch.

The Butchers Club Burger (CentralWan ChaiTsim Sha TsuiQuarry BayWong Chuk Hang)


Admit it, a duo that is better than burger and fries does not even exist! The fries you find here at the Butchers Club are not the typical ones, instead they are cooked with duck fat and absolutely tempting.

Bread & Beast (Wan Chai)


We have never imagined that Japanese sauces and ingredients can go that well with fries. Loaded with okonomiyaki sauce and a 63°C egg, the Lennon Fries from Bread & Beast is a must-try.

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