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  2. Deliveroo reveals your lucky food for the Year of Pig
Deliveroo reveals your lucky food for the Year of Pig

Deliveroo reveals your lucky food for the Year of Pig

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Kung Hei Fat Choy!

The countdown to the Year of the Pig on February 5 has begun! In Chinese culture, this chubby, cute zodiac symbol of the Chinese zodiac is associated with the earth and more importantly, the pig symbolises wealth.

To help you boost your luck – and get more wealth – in the Year of Pig, Deliveroo has partnered with Feng Shui Master, Adolf Yau, to come up with a list of the lucky food for all the Chinese zodiac. Check out the food recommendations for your zodiac sign below to bring in the good luck.




2018 was a lucky year for snakes, but 2019 may present a few challenges and all Snakes have to work a little bit harder to keep up  their luck during the Year of Pig. Staying active and searching for opportunities are good for your career, as well as your health. Along the way, you need some food with high carbs to support your extra amount of work. Try these carb-packed dishes out!

  • nood food's Organic Multigrain Bread with Kale, Hummus and Tomato & Avocado
  • KALE's Chicken in Herbs Brown Rice




Single Rats will not be alone anymore in 2019. It will be a great year for your relationships. Try ordering beef dishes when you are out on a date:


This year will spell career success for the hardworking Ox. Adding more water elements will improve the fortune of the ox, who is also associated with the earth. Any seafood dish is best to boost your career, check these mouth-watering dishes out!


Tigers should pay attention to their female friends as they will bring good fortune to Tigers in 2019. Treat yourself to some delicious pork dishes to further boost your luck. Can't decide on a delicious pork dish? We've got your back with these two recommendations below:


Congratulations to all the Dragons out there! 2019 is a very fruitful year for your love life. Make sure you eat a hearty chicken dish to welcome the lucky star of love this year, you can start by chowing down on these two dishes!


A bright star will shine upon Horses and surround them with good vibrations. By all accounts, the Year of Pig will be a marvelous year for Horses with fortunes on the rise and lots of potential career opportunities. In the old Chinese tradition, it is important to eat lamb dishes like our hand-picked recommendations below when celebrating promotion or any other precious moments:




Be aware Rabbits! 2019 will be a year of hard work as you will devote more time and effort to work. Make sure you have enough energy by eating pumpkin and corn, which will be beneficial to the management level and the self-employed. Start your year of hard work with two highly recommended veggie dishes now!


The Year of the Pig will yield good results for Goats in the field of education. If you put in the hours and effort, you are bound to succeed in your examinations with a star of intelligence. Since carrots are good for your eyes and blood circulation, this reddish vegetable can help you recover from the hard work and achieve more in your studies! What are you waiting for? Order your first carrot dish of 2019 now!


"After a few tough years, Monkeys will do better in the Year of Pig, but they have to keep a close eye on their health. In tune with their earthly nature, red vegetables, such as tomatoes, will not only improve their health with high nutritional value, but also fend off bad luck. These tangy tomato dishes will sure give your health an extra boost, order our selected dishes now!

  • Lotte Tomato's noodles in Homemade Tomato Soup with Scrambled Egg Set
  • Enoteca's Pastas with Fresh Tomato, Herbs & Chill.


With a difficult past year behind them, Roosters will be better off in the Year of Pig in terms of career and relationships. However, they have to take good care of their body, especially their digestive systems. Yellowish food, such as corn, may help them improve their health, as well as boost their luck. What are you waiting for? Check out these dishes below!


Things are about to take a turn for the better in the year ahead. Many stars are aligned in Dogs' favour and they will experience free rides in their career, education and relationships. Partly due to a successful career and busy love life, dogs can expect to suffer from fatigue and so they need to have more green vegetables to attain a balanced diet like FOODBOX's Greek Salad Box.

  • FOODBOX's Greek Salad Box (Vegetarian)


Traditionally, ben ming nian (本命年; the year of one's zodiac sign) is the unluckiest year with trouble and danger lurking at every corner. To sweep away bad luck, having green dishes, like salad, can help improving their health. Have a go salad bowls and detox juices for the year of 2019 now!

  • NOSH's Chilled Sustainable Salmon Quinoa Bowl with Mixed Greens and Edamame
  • BE-JUICED's Emotional Detox

Feng Shui is no science, it serves mostly as a guiding beacon for the coming lunar year. Once you've got the lowdown on what's ahead, why not celebrate the end of a hard-fought year as well as welcome in the new year with your beloved colleagues at work?

We wish you a very happy Chinese New Year and prosperous year ahead! Still waiting for a sign? Order now on Deliveroo according to your lucky food of the Year of Pig!

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