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Deliveroo Links Food Carnival 2018 @ Summerfest

Deliveroo Links Food Carnival 2018 @ SummerFest

As one of Hong Kong's top food delivery services, Deliveroo launched Deliveroo Links with the sole purpose of helping others in need by becoming a first-of-its-kind surplus food donation campaign.

Making use of our large network in the food and beverage industry, restaurant partners now pass their excess ingredients and foods to non-profitable government organizations, ultimately giving back to our society. Since Deliveroo Link's launch in October 2017, a total of 5000+ people have been given help.

On August 12th, Deliveroo was honored to participate in the SummerFest Carnival @ Central Harbour organized by FOOD-CO. FOOD-CO works with like-minded partners to solicit resources for poverty alleviation and cultivate a culture of save and share, by reducing food waste and creating a better living environment.  Restaurant partners who participated in raising food saving awareness and provided free meals included Paradise Group Hong Kong, Ten Ren's Tea, South Taiwan Comfort, Jacomax, and Mad for Garlic.

Various game booths and food stalls were set up at Food Carnival 2018 for all ages to promote the importance of sustainability, no wasting and care for people in need. Deliveroo also received FOOD-CO's Save & Share Gold Award. We are very happy to have collaborated with FOOD-CO and look forward to future collaborations.

Deliveroo is constantly in search for more restaurant partner who may want to contribute to Deliveroo Links. Should anyone have any enquiries or be interested in participating, please contact Deliveroo's Corporate Social Responsibility Lead, May Yeung, at may.yeung@deliveroo.com.

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