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  2. These Food Photo Hacks Will Get You Tons Of Likes On Instagram
These Food Photo Hacks Will Get You Tons Of Likes On Instagram

These Food Photo Hacks Will Get You Tons Of Likes On Instagram

You're exploring the #hkfoodie photos on Instagram and you started thinking, "why are these food photos making me hungry, but mine can't even get me 10 likes?"

You want to share how good your food is, and you do want your friends to comment, "Hey buddy where can I get this pancake?" For this, we are here to share some pro tips and tricks to help you to grab all the attentions on Instagram!

Beware, those "yourhungryfriend liked your post" notifications are coming in.

Step 1: Clean the container

Keep your food neat and tidy. That's essential. Before unlocking your phone for the camera, wipe out all the sauce, everything dripping out from the container. Don't forget to rearrange your food to make sure they look more attractive.

Step 2: Lighting

Natural daylight is highly recommended, so put your food next to a big window, or just sit outdoor if possible.

If the room is too dark, you will end up getting pictures that are grainy and colorless. They are not appealing. To solve this, you may want to use tools such as external flash lights to enhance the overall brightness. The trick is to use a white paper napkin with smooth surface to create a reflection instead of shooting the light onto the food directly. The picture will look more natural as a result.

Step 3: Get the right angle

All your settings are done. Now you would need to think of the most suitable angle. There are few ways to do it.

  1. Straight shot


Hold your food in front of a nice background, and keep your camera parallel. But do avoid complex background, otherwise your food wouldn't stand out.

We recommend standing right next to a colorful wall, or in a scenic but quiet park. By doing so, your picture should consist a nice contrast and the focus will stay on your food, not the happenings behind it.

  1. Bird-eye view


This is one of our favorites!

Find a nice table that has a strong contrast. A table made of wooden or marble is a perfect choice. Put the dishes on the table nicely and avoid having too much stuff on it.

To take this to the next level, do put in 1 or 2 props, for instance, a notebook or a nice silver fork.

Step 4: Retouch your photo

Whether you are taking the picture with your phone or a DSLR, your photo will still need to be retouched to be perfect.

The top 3 things to look at here are brightness, contrast and vibrance. Play around with the options until you find a settings that fit your taste.

For retouching, we would also recommend apps such as VSCO which has built-in cool filters that you can use right away.

Step 5: Hashtags

Alright, now your photo is ready to go live and let the world to see it. Before you actually post the picture, be sure to find related hashtags, such as #hkfoodies, #deliveroo, #delicious, etc. By doing so, you will also be able to reach people who are not your followers yet. In other words, more people will see you masterpiece!

Do you have any other good tips to share with other Roos? Let us know by commenting in our Instagram post below! Deliveroo

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