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  2. Oiishi! 5 Japanese Restaurants You Should Try This Season
Oiishi! 5 Japanese Restaurants You Should Try This Season

Oiishi! 5 Japanese Restaurants You Should Try This Season

In Japan, autumn is known as the "season of healthy appetites", simply because it's the perfect time to enjoy hot and heartier dishes as the temperatures start to drop.

Since autumn has also arrived here in Hong Kong, we think this would be a great time to bring you some fascinating Japanese foods. Scroll down and check out the Japanese restaurants we loved!

Chao Chao Gyoza (Hung HomWanchai)

Popular gyoza (Japanese pan-fried potstickers) restaurants! Reward yourself with these mouth-watering dumplings and an ice-cold beer after a hard day at work.

Ramen Jo (West KowloonCauseway Bay)

Tsukemen, a.k.a. dipping noodles is one of Hong Kongers' favorites. Unlike ramen, tsukemen has a thicker type of noodles with a chewy texture. Comes with a thicker and savory broth, grilled pork slices and a soft-boiled egg, heat up the perfect tsukemen from Ramen Jo with microwave after they arrive for the best experience.

Yaki Ana (ShatinMong KokCauseway Bay)

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One does not simply say no to sushi and sashimi. Brighten up your day with the freshest fish shipped from Japan!

Tiger Curry (Tsim Sha TsuiCauseway Bay)

Since the temperature has cooled down a little, a hearty Japanese curry with pork chop cutlets or burger patties is the best dish to give you the coziness you need.

Marugame Seimen (Tsuen WanTsim Sha TsuiLam TinKowloon BayTung Tau EstateLok FuTai KooCauseway Bay)

Tempura and udon are always the perfect combination any time of the day. Udon noodles are freshly made at Marugame Seimen everyday. Pair it with the crunchy and sizzling hot tempura will surely make your day.

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