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  2. Street food twists: 3 contemporary takes on your favourite classic snacks
Street food twists: contemporary takes on your favourite classic snacks

Street food twists: 3 contemporary takes on your favourite classic snacks

Roasted chestnuts… in a popsicle? You read that right. The Hong Kong street food scene is home to some awesomely creative eats. Even restaurants have started serving some quirky spins on street-side favourites – here are three of the best.

1. Oreo Egg Waffle, Grandy Mary

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The egg – or bubble – waffle might be popular all over the world, but it started its life here in Hong Kong. Chefs pour batter into specialised waffle irons, which cook the mix evenly and create those trademark orbs. The finished product looks like bubble-wrap, and it's everyone's favourite sweet treat on the way home from work.

Grandy Mary make their egg waffles with a mix of fillings, both savoury and sweet. Do you want dried seawood or luncheon meat in yours? Or would you rather keep it classic? Oreo is one of the most popular flavours, mixing hot waffle with crisp cookie.

Where: Grandy Mary, locations in Cheung Sha Wan and Kennedy Town

2. Fish balls, Meen & Rice

These aren't your grandma's fish balls. The classic comfort food dish is made of finely shredded, pounded, or ground-up fish, mixed with salt and rested till smooth. Street food fish balls are skewered and cooked with satay or curry sauce, and boiled to get that trademark yellow colour. Restaurants use fancier fish, and end up with white fish balls.

Meen & Rice do away with tradition with their fish balls. They're made from fresh dace, worked and left till smooth. But instead of boiling them up, the chefs dunk them in hot oil for a crunchy deep-fried finish. Get them on top of congee, or with clam sauce, for a modern spin on a local staple.

Where: Meen & Rice, Repulse Bay

3. Roasted Chestnuts Mont Blanc & Raspberries, Nice Pops

Sweet potato and chestnuts are mainstays. Though they may be your go to when it's cold out, when they're rustled up by Nice Pops, these ultimate winter warmers are the obvious choice for a summer sensation.

Mont Blanc often gets paired with sweet potato for a bit of extra flavour, but Nice Pops have swapped in chestnuts instead. Their semi-sweetness goes great with the tart and fresh raspberries, and combining it into a popsicle is incredibly innovative. Enjoy this frozen delight on hot days when you're dreaming of winter.

Where: Nice Pops, locations in Ap Lei Chau and Wanchai

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