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  2. AlipayHK x Deliveroo HK$25 Reward Offer Terms & Conditions | AlipayHK x Deliveroo戶戶送 聯營HK$25獎賞活動條款及細則

AlipayHK x Deliveroo HK$25 Reward Offer Terms & Conditions | AlipayHK x Deliveroo戶戶送 聯營HK$25獎賞活動條款及細則

Terms & Conditions

1. The promotion of " HK$25 Deliveroo Exclusive Reward" ("Promotion" or "HK$25 Reward") runs from 10 Sep 2021 to 31 Dec 2021 (both dates inclusive) (the "Promotion Period").

2. During the Promotion Period, selected AlipayHK users ("Selected Users") may collect a HK$25 Reward on the designated page of their AlipayHK mobile application ("AlipayHK App"). The HK$25 Reward consists of one(1) HK$25 coupon ("Coupon"), which can be used upon a single net spending of HK$100 or above on Deliveroo website or Deliveroo mobile application when paying with AlipayHK.

3. Each Selected User can only redeem one (1) HK$25 Reward during the Promotion Period. Each Coupon is valid within 15 days from the date of its redemption. Expired Coupons are invalid and will not be re-issued. For the avoidance of doubt, the Coupons are only applicable in Deliveroo website or Deliveroo mobile application.

4. Upon successful redemption, AlipayHK will store the Coupon in the AlipayHK App account of the user automatically. The Coupon will be deducted automatically in applicable circumstances. The AlipayHK App must be updated to the latest version. Users may go to "Home" page and select "Reward" to read details of the Coupon. AlipayHK shall bear no liability if users cannot perform a successful redemption of relevant rewards and/or the relevant reward is lost due to any circumstances.

5. During the Promotion Period, each user can only participate in the Promotion once. For the avoidance of doubt, "each user" refers to a natural person with legal capacity who uses the AlipayHK App and Wallet service, but not merely an AlipayHK account. To further avoid any dispute, in the following circumstances, the relevant accounts will be deemed to be used by the same user and can only participate in this Promotion once:

  •  Connection on the same mobile phone or mobile device, such as the logging in or activation of multiple accounts; or
  • Connection of an AlipayHK account or mobile number on multiple mobile phones or mobile devices, such as the logging in or activation on such devices; or
  • The same credit card number being connected to multiple AlipayHK accounts.

In the case of any of the above, in order to verify the user's identity and prevent the risk of theft or misuse of such AlipayHK account, mobile phone number, mobile device or credit card number, AlipayHK reserves the right to suspend or terminate the release of HK$30 Reward to the relevant account and to take legal action.

6. Coupons are limited in quantity and on a first-come-first-served basis. AlipayHK's records shall prevail under any circumstances.

7. If there is any breach of these terms and conditions or illegal, fraudulent or abusive behavior during the use of any Coupons, AlipayHK will forfeit such user's eligibility and the entitlement of Coupons forthwith and without notice. AlipayHK reserves the right to cancel such transaction and to take legal action against the relevant user.

8. Coupons cannot be used to purchase any gift/cash vouchers, gift certificates or prepaid cards of any eligible merchant. They may not be exchanged for cash and are non-transferable. For goods return or refund, the amount on the Coupon will not be returned and the relevant Coupon will not be re-issued.

9. AlipayHK will carry out this Promotion in accordance with applicable laws in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In the event this Promotion is stopped by government agency's orders or must be suspended due to server network attack or system failure or any circumstances beyond AlipayHK's control, such event shall be regarded as a force majeure event, and AlipayHK cannot be held liable for any damage, loss or dispute therefrom.

10. AlipayHK reserves the right to change, suspend or terminate the Promotion or its terms and conditions at its sole discretion without prior notice. AlipayHK shall not be liable for any such change, suspension or termination and reserves the right of final decision of all the matters and disputes.

11. For any enquiries in relation to AlipayHK App and its services or offers, please call the AlipayHK customer service hotline at 2245 3201.

12. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

13. Should there be any discrepancy or inconsistency between the English and the Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.


港幣25元「 Deliveroo 戶戶送獎賞」優惠之條款及細則:

1. 港幣25元「Deliveroo 戶戶送獎賞」優惠 (「推廣」或「港幣25元『 Deliveroo 戶戶送獎賞』」) 的推廣期為2021年9月10日至12月31日(包括首尾兩天) (「推廣期」)。

2. 推廣期內,特選AlipayHK用戶(「特選用戶」)可透過AlipayHK手機應用程式 (「AlipayHK 應用程式」) 於指定頁面領取港幣25元「Deliveroo 戶戶送獎賞」。港幣25元「Deliveroo 戶戶送獎賞」為價值港幣25元的電子禮券一張(「禮券」)。禮券適用於Deliveroo 戶戶送網站或手機應用程式。特選用戶透過AlipayHK應用程式於Deliveroo 戶戶送網站或手機應用程式單一淨消費滿港幣100元或以上時方可使用禮券。

3. 特選用戶於推廣期内只可領取港幣25元「Deliveroo 戶戶送獎賞」一次。禮券自換領日起15天內適用,逾期失效並不獲補發。

4. 於成功領取禮券後,AlipayHK將自動存放禮券至用戶的AlipayHK 應用程式賬戶內,於符合使用條件時自動扣減。用戶須將AlipayHK 應用程式更新至最新版本,於「首頁」内的「獎賞」,即可查看禮券詳情。AlipayHK於任何情況下均不會對用戶未能成功領取有關獎賞及/或遺失有關獎賞而負上任何責任。

5. 在推廣期內,每一位用戶僅限參與本項優惠活動一次。為免疑慮,「每一位用戶」是指使用AlipayHK應用程式和錢包服務的、具有法律行為能力的一名自然人,而非一個AlipayHK賬號。為進一步避免爭議,在下述情形,有關賬號將被視為由同一位用戶所使用,合共只可參與本項推廣一次:

  • 在同一部手提電話或移動設備上有關連,比如有多個賬號登錄或激活;
  • 若同一個賬號/手機號碼在多部手提電話或移動設備上有關連,比如登錄或激活;
  • 若同一張銀行卡號被綁定於多個AlipayHK賬號時。

當以上情況發生時,為確認領獎的用戶資格及預防賬號、手機號碼、設備或銀行卡被盜用的風險,AlipayHK保留暫停或永久停止向相關賬號發放港幣25元「Deliveroo 戶戶送獎賞」的權利及保留追究權利。

6. 禮券數量有限,先到先得,領完即止。任何情況下,以AlipayHK的紀錄為準。

7. 在禮券的使用過程中,如果出現任何違反本條款與細則、違法、欺詐或濫用行為,AlipayHK將取消該用戶的優惠資格或其所獲之禮券而毋須另行通知,並有權撤銷任何涉及違規行為的交易及向有關用戶追討損失。

8. 禮券不可用於購買合資格商戶現金券、禮券或預付卡、亦不可兌換現金及不可轉讓。如需退貨或退款,禮券所對應的金額將不作為退款款項,而相關禮券將不獲補發。

9. AlipayHK將依香港特別行政區法例進行本推廣,如本推廣因受政府機關指令、遭受嚴重網絡攻擊、系統故障或因其他於AlipayHK控制外的情況而無法順利進行,此種情況為不可抗力。AlipayHK毋須為因不可抗力造成的損害、損失、糾紛承擔任何責任。

10. AlipayHK保留毋須事先通知的情況下更改、暫停或取消本推廣或修訂其條款及細則之酌情權,AlipayHK恕不就任何更改、暫停或取消承擔任何責任,並對所有事宜及爭議保留最終決定權。

11. 如對上述有關AlipayHK及其服務或優惠的使用方法及詳情有任何問題,請致電AlipayHK客戶服務熱線2245 3201查詢。

12. 本條款及細則受香港特別行政區法律規管,並按其詮釋。

13. 如本條款及細則的中、英文版有所差異,一概以中文版為準。

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