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Chinese New Year Prelude Offers

Deliveroo’s Chinese New Year Prelude Promotions

From now until February 1, order from selective restaurants in Ma On Shan to enjoy 10% off or more for a limited time period!

For more delicious offers, check out restaurants labelled with a Chinese New Year menu tag.

Here are some of our hand-picked favorites! Order from any of these restaurants below to receive a free packet of Deliveroo red pocket envelopes, first come first served! 


Cafe Locomotive Express

Delicious Café

Hom Lee Kitchen

Lady Ma Chongqing Spicy Cuisine

liao Za lie

Shao Sa Yi Zu

Shun Fung Restaurant

Sichuan Hut

Anytime Dim Sum

Ar Sir Kitchen 阿Sir廚房

Benkeiya 弁慶家

Bun Cha

Cafe Locomotive

Cafe Seasons

Cha Fan

Check-In Taipei

Congee day

Deli Blossom

Fong Waa Parlour 芳華絕代


Golden Snowball Restaurant

Good Soup & Snacks



Hey Hey Kitchen

High Street Cart Noodles

Ho Yuen Express - Wings Station

ICHI Noodle 一喜薈麵

Little Eden

LongChuan Shanghainese


Nanshijiao Restaurant 南勢角台灣牛肉麵

New Gold Full Restaurant

Nunu 燒


Pineapple Canteen

Pork Knuckle 一豚豬手專門店

Sabah Malaysian Cuisine

Shanghai Lane 上海弄堂菜肉餛飩

Shanghai Wing Wah (Sze Chuen) Restaurant

Sheung Thai 上泰

Simple Kitchen

Soup day

South Taiwan Comfort

Southeast Asia Deli Hong Kong

Speedy Good Restaurant

Stars Dim Sum Specialist

Stix on Fire

Sun Cheong Seafood Restaurant

Sun Kee Chicken Congee 元朗新記雞粥

Tao Yuen Sichuan Food

Tatsujin Ramen 拉麵達人

Thai Chiu (Central)

Thai Mui Restaurant


Tin Oi Tin Seafood Dai Pai Dong

Treasure Box

Tung Shing Lau

Uncle Padak

Wang Fu Beijing Style Dumplings

Wing Nin Noodle


Yu Chuan Club 渝川會所


友膳方 Friendly Corner


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