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How to Cook the Perfect Steak

How to Cook the Perfect Steak

Today is Steak & ** Day, essentially Valentine's Day for guys, so it's time to spoil that special boy in your life! Since we wanna keep it PG-13 over here at Deliveroo, we're here to help you out on the "Steak" part of the special (and naughty) day. We at Roo believe that having food delivered straight to the door by our lovely riders is such a treat and an amazing way to save time while enjoying high-quality food at its best, but it is also incredibly enjoyable to make time to cook a scrumptious home-made meal as a way to wind down and spend quality time with your loved-ones.

So for those lucky ones who don't have to OT tonight and want to jump on the bandwagon of spoiling your SO, here are a few tips on how to cook the perfect steak brought to you by Jim Abbot, the grill master of our popular London restaurant partner Hixter!

We're also here to help if you want to spoil your special someone but don't have time to cook tonight - have that piece of perfect steak delivered straight to your door!

We recommend:

U.S. Black Angus Rib-Eye

from Plat Du Jour (Quarry Bay) and Plat Du Jour (Pacific Place) (HK$285)

16 Oz Bone-In Australian Strip Steak (Dry Aged) from Mr and Mrs Fox (HK$530)

"LOMO' Fillet 300g from Gaucho (HK$348)

Black Angus Flank from Vivanda (HK$298)

Stone-grilled 6oz Australian Wagyu Striploin Steak from Mezzo (HK$428)

Tenderloin 8oz with Chef's Garnish from Blue•Butcher and Meat Specialist (HK$465)

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