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Beef & Liberty

Isn't it the ultimate satisfaction to bite into something, and realise the search for the best burger in town is finally over? There's a good chance that'll be how you feel when you eat at Beef & Liberty. With a hearty menu stocked with old favourites and proper American comfort food, every order's a winner.

Bountiful burgers topped with love

Dubbed one of the best spots in town by the Michelin guide itself, it's hard not to be impressed. But don't just take our word for it – tuck in and taste for yourself. When you first eat with Beef & Liberty, it's a good idea to keep the flavours classic. That way, you can easily chart it on your burger barometer.

The Beef & Liberty hamburger is a staple. Tender ground beef is topped with butter lettuce, red onion, specialty pickles and Tiptree ketchup for a simple yet sophisticated zing. When you've given your stamp of approval, it's time to move on to the graduate level. The Notorious P.I.G dresses British slow-braided BBQ pork with crackling, a special green apple slaw and slices of spring onion for a bang in every bite.

The best beefsteak club in town

Being all about that beef, Beef & Liberty pay homage to the original beefsteak clubs of 18th Century London. As a club where an amalgamation of notable writers, artists and politicians met to celebrate steak and socialise, it's a great foundation for a modern-day burger joint.

And Beef & Liberty strive to serve up the best burger you've ever had, every single time. No corners are cut, no creativity is lost, and each burger is served up with love. Using only hormone-free, grass-fed Tasmanian cattle, your beef is the best is can be.

Ready for one more round?

Despite a love of beef in buns, Beef & Liberty are good at their other orders too. Take the appetisers. For times when you want something creamy and comforting in the form of a light bite, the breaded Mac n Cheese Bites served with rocket pesto are a no-brainer.

Then, there's always room dessert. When you've demolished your burger and washed it down with any one of Beef & Liberty's favourite bottled beers, it's time to entertain your sweet tooth. And what better way to do it than with a slice of homemade Banoffee Pie? With a crispy oat base, that signature banana-caramel combination, and cream and chocolate to top it off, you'll be glad you stuck around till after the entrée.

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