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Green Waffle Diner

Green Waffle Diner

These aren't your typical Hong Kong street snack waffles. Green Waffle Diner takes your cravings for an authentic American breakfast and kicks it up a notch. It has everything from all-day breakfasts and skillet dishes to sandwiches and – of course – waffles.

Whether you're thinking of ordering a massive breakfast to kick off a busy day, a big hearty sandwich to eat at your desk, or simply want a decadent dessert, Green Waffle Diner means you don't need to fly to the US for your next hit of authentic American goodness.

It's easy to be green

First, let's talk about the dish that gave the restaurant its name. Green pandan extract is stirred into their homemade waffle and pancake batters to give them that signature colour – before being topped with fresh fruit, nuts and whipped cream.

Or if you're more in the mood for a mix of sweet and savoury, their Fried Chicken and Waffle will be exactly what you never even knew you wanted. Two crispy chicken drumsticks with a homemade spicy sauce, a full waffle and your choice of fried potatoes or salad, are all drizzled with maple syrup.

Love conquers all

The story of the Green Waffle Diner is a love story – a tale as old as time, between a man and his waffles.

Edmund, the owner, was born and raised in – plot twist – Canada. When he moved to Hong Kong he was homesick for North American food, especially waffles. He decided to open his own American eatery in 2010 to introduce the authentic taste of America to Hong Kong. In the early days he started out by serving freshly made waffles, and the hip diner grew from there.

Skillets from America

Green Waffle Diner is about more than just waffles though. Their skillets, another favourite dish in America, are some of The Green Waffle's most popular dishes. We like the Country Brunch Skillet, a full breakfast cooked in one pan – it's got crispy fried bacon, green peppers, onions, homefries, two poached eggs and melted cheddar cheese all mixed in there.

There's also the Meat Lovers Skillet, with sausage, bacon, steak, mushroom, homefries, topped with two poached eggs and cheddar cheese. Or opt for the creamy Mac & Cheese Skillet for some comfort food – macaroni pasta in a velvety cheese sauce, sprinkled with bacon bits. And they haven't forgotten about vegetarians either, as their Herbed Veggie Skillet is a bright mix of zucchini, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, onions, homefries, two poached eggs, and melted cheddar cheese.

Don't waffle on – cut to the chase and order with Green Waffle Diner instead, brought directly to your door with Deliveroo.

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