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Meen & Rice

Meen & Rice

Cooking Hong Kong-style is all about comfort food that feeds your soul. And that's exactly what Meen & Rice have based their business on. Serving Cantonese classics with a fresh perspective, find the likes of create-your-own congee and freshly fried rice with shrimp and char siu headlining the menu.

Classic congee and all kinds of rice

Wholesome creations with a whole lot of heart might be their main aim, but that doesn't mean Meen & Rice lack in all-star ingredients. Stirred into some of their signature dishes, find the most succulent barbecued pork whether on its own or served with rice.

Not only do Meen & Rice have classics like Ying Yang and Hokkien fried rice, but you could also opt for a trio of rice noodle rolls stuffed with fresh shrimp or sliced beef. And there's also plenty of slow-cooked rice around, given the congee choices on offer. From chicken and black mushroom to meat, squid or peanuts, there's every kind of topping you can imagine – or your own version, made with two ingredients of your choice.

Comfort food for contemporary palates

Meen & Rice are all about that idea of comfort, but it's all done with a traditional twist. Focusing on a casual dining concept, their relaxed, homely feel comes across in the food too. You even taste it when you order and eat at home.

Aiming to add a modern spin on the four basic Cantonese carbs – congee, rice noodles, flour noodles and rice – you're given all the familiarity you come to expect, with a fresh flavour. Meen & Rice really mean business. If their enticing rice and congee creations aren't enough, there's a luscious list of roasted meats to choose from and big plates topped with stir-fried seafood, soothing soups and crunchy vegetables that really show off their creative flair.

How can you say no to noodles?

No really, how can you? With an impressive list like this, you're set for lunch, dinner and even breakfast the next day. There's an amazing wealth of choice on their mammoth menu, so you're bound to find an old favourite or a new dish that catches your eye – from sweet and sour seafood to wonton noodles, and so much more.

But there's always the option to create your own bowl of noodles too – because if you can get a tailored jacket, why not have a bespoke dinner too? If the stewed beef brisket sounds good, but you want ginger and spring onion sauce too, the noodles in soup dish is yours to design.

To get those comforting noodles and soothing stir-fries for dinner tonight, make a Meen & Rice order with Deliveroo.

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