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Chinese food is some of the most popular in the world, and with good reason. The cuisine is all about fresh, seasonal ingredients, beautifully balanced for flavour and texture. NOI Kitchen – new to the Chinese restaurant scene in Hong Kong – is popular for its traditional style and its impressive, extensive menu. Read on to find out more about this quaint joint, nestled in Chung Mei Lo Uk village.

Spoilt for choice

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At NOI Kitchen there are over one hundred dishes on the menu to choose from. Split in categories, from fried noodles to spicy, soups to snacks and rice to vegetarian, you can easily navigate your way around to choose the perfect dish. And the quantity doesn't take away from the quality – everything is cooked to highest standard by NOI Kitchen's chefs.

Popular options include the fried rice noodle with pork ribs in black bean sauce, the fried squid ball with broccoli or the steamed rice with soy-sauce marinated chicken and mushrooms. There are sharing packs too – perfect for groups of friends and family.

The soul of the Chinese dish

You'd be hard-pressed to find NOI Kitchen by yourself, tucked into the backstreets of Chung Mei Lo Uk village on Tsing Yi island. But you'd be missing out on a real gem – it's a homestyle restaurant serving up all your favourite food, made with a whole lot of soul.

Ingredients are important too – their chicken is free-range and well cared for on local farms, producing meat that's much tenderer than mass-produced work. Vegetables and herbs are locally sourced by season, and seafood is caught fresh. Whether you get your food fried, steamed, boiled or stewed, it's bound to taste great.

Crazy vegetable variety

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If you're looking for lighter choice, then definitely try the soup rice. There's the fish maw soup with abalone and ginseng or the warming tofu soup. Steamed eggplant, rice, meat and shrimp are also a great way to go. And there's an array of warming hotpots on offer too, from tofu with fish to curried beef or steamy, slow-cooked chicken.

Spice fiends can try the steamed pork ribs with diced chilli, or Sichuan style chilli boiled beef – it's bound to set your taste buds alight. After the abundance of heat, you'll probably be looking for a cooling refresher. In which case, the iced milk tea or iced lemon coke are the ones for you.

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