Deliveroo for Business - Referral Campaign

Refer a company and get a voucher,

  1. This referral offer (the Referral Offer) is made by Deliveroo Hong Kong Ltd ("Deliveroo for Business") open to residents of Hong Kong aged 18 or over.
  1. To participate in this Referral Offer, you must complete and submit one of our referral forms with details including the name of a company that has not already signed up to Deliveroo for Business, and a decision-maker within that company, before the Closing Date. If the company you refer meets our criteria to sign up for Deliveroo for Business, signs up, and then spends at least HK$5,000 on allowance within the first four weeks of signing up, we will apply to your personal Deliveroo account the amount of credit stated in the promotional materials, that you will be able to use on personal orders.
  1. If more than one successful referral is received by Deliveroo for Business in respect of any company, only one person will receive the credit - and that person will be determined by Deliveroo for Business based on (1) whether the decision-maker referred is the person who engages with Deliveroo for Business; and (2) which person submitted the referral form the earliest.  
  1. Deliveroo credit is subject to the usual order conditions and Deliveroo's Voucher Terms and Conditions and any minimum spend restrictions communicated to you. Credits must be redeemed within the period stated in the promotional materials or other associated Deliveroo materials. There will be a processing time of up to seven days after the date of a successful referral before credits will be applied to your account. Credits have no cash value and are non-transferable.
  1. Before you submit the name and email of anyone to us, please ensure that you have obtained their permission. We will use the personal details of the colleague supplied for the administration of this promotion and introductory emails about Deliveroo for Business products and services. Please see our main privacy policy.
  1. Deliveroo for Business reserves the right to amend or suspend the availability of this offer at any time.
  1. Deliveroo Hong Kong Ltd is registered in Hong Kong with a company number 2288695, and a registered office at Room 1901, Lee Garden One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

推薦公司以獲取 HK$500 現金券:

  1. 這個推薦計劃由 Roofoods Ltd (「戶戶送企業版」"Deliveroo for Business") 推出,適用於所有年滿 18 歲的香港居民。
  1. 如欲參與此推薦計劃,你必須在推廣期內填妥並提交推薦表格,當中包括未曾於戶戶送企業版登記之公司名稱和該公司的決策者等資料。若你所推薦的公司符合戶戶送企業版的申請條件、登記並於登記後首四週內消費滿 HK$5,000 或以上津貼金額,我們將會把在宣傳資料中所列明的代用額金額加進你的個人戶戶送帳戶內,供你於個人訂單中使用。
  1. 若戶戶送企業版就同一間公司接收到多於一份的成功推薦,當中只會有一名申請人能獲得代用額,而戶戶送仁業版會按以下準則決定該名申請人:(1) 獲推薦的決策者是否與戶戶送企業版聯絡的本人;及 (2) 申請人提交推薦表格的先後次序。
  1. 戶戶送代用額受一般訂單細則、戶戶送的現金券條款與細則以及任何曾向你表示過的最低消費限制所約束。代用額必須在宣傳資料或其他相關戶戶送資料中所列明的限期內兌換。代用額會在由成功推薦日起計七天內加進你的帳戶內。代用額並無現金價值,且不可轉讓。
  1. 在向我們提交任何人的姓名及電郵前,請確保你已得到其許可。我們將會在是次推廣的行政工作和有關戶戶送企業版產品及服務的介紹電郵中使用到你所提供之聯絡人的個人資料。詳情請看我們的主要私隱政策。
  1. 戶戶送企業版保留隨時修改或中止提供此計劃的權利。
  1. Deliveroo Hong Kong Ltd 於香港登記,公司號碼為 10970586,所登記的辦公室地址為:香港銅鑼灣利園山希慎道33號利園一期19樓1901室。
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