January 2022 Customer Survey | Your chance to win win $HK 1000 via PayPal

This prize draw (the 'Prize Draw') is run by Opinium Research LLP ('Opinium'). By entering the Prize Draw, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (the 'Terms'). 

1 The Prize Draw 

1.1 Five (5) selected entrants will each win $HK 1000 via PayPal.

1.2 The prize is non-transferable, non-refundable and non-changeable. 

1.3 Winners will receive a voucher code to their email address provided in the survey within 14 days of being selected as the winner. To access the voucher, winners must follow the instructions contained in that email.

1.4 Opinium reserves the right to temporarily suspend, cancel or vary the Prize Draw at any stage if deemed necessary in its opinion, or due to circumstances beyond its control, and will use reasonable endeavours to minimise the effect on participants to avoid disappointment. 

2 How to enter 

2.1 No purchase necessary to enter. 

2.2 Internet access is required. 

3 Entry Period and Prize Draw date

3.1 Entry to the Prize Draw will start with the sending of the survey invites.

3.2 Entries received after 23.59 GMT on 17th January 2022 will not be included. 

3.3 The Prize Draw will take place on 31st January 2022.

4 Eligibility 

4.1 The Prize Draw is open to residents of Hong Kong with an active Deliveroo account. 

4.2 Maximum one (1) entry per person. Use of multiple identities is not permitted. Use of automated entries, votes or other programs is prohibited and all such entries will be disqualified. If you are selected as a winner and Opinium subsequently discover that you have entered multiple times, Opinium reserve the right to withdraw the prize. 

4.3 Only online entries via the online survey will be accepted. 

4.4 Employees (and their immediate families) of Opinium, Deliveroo or any of their group, affiliated or associated companies, agents or any other person connected with the Prize Draw are not permitted to enter. 

4.5 Opinium reserves the right to verify the eligibility of entrants to enter the Prize Draw. 

4.6 No responsibility can be accepted for entries which are not properly received due to communications beyond the control of Opinium. 

4.8 If there are reasonable grounds to believe that there has been a breach of these Terms by an entrant, Opinium may, at its sole discretion invalidate the relevant entry and disqualify the entrant from entry to the Prize Draw. 

4.9 Opinium reserves the right to moderate entries and reserves the right to remove entries at its discretion that are deemed offensive, obscene or inappropriate. 

5 Allocation of prizes 

5.1 The winners will be selected by means of a random draw from all valid entries received once the Prize Draw has closed, using a random application of Microsoft Excel and conducted under the supervision of an independent person. The odds of winning depend upon the total number of eligible entries received. 

5.2 If a selected winner does not meet the eligibility criteria set out in these Terms, Opinium reserve the right to re-draw and select an alternative winner. 

6 Notification of prize 

6.Opinium notify the winners via an email to the email address that is provided in the survey. If Opinium have not received a response from a winner within seventy-two (72) hours to confirm that they can accept the prize, Opinium reserves the right to redraw and a new winner will be selected. 

6.2 Opinium cannot accept responsibility for any emails that do not reach the intended recipients for any reason whatsoever. 

6.3 The decision of Opinium is final and no correspondence regarding the prize allocation will be entered into. 

6.4 To the fullest extent permitted by law, Opinium excludes liability for any losses, damages or claims incurred by any person in connection with the Prize Draw or receipt or misuse of any prize. Nothing in these terms shall affect your statutory rights. 

7 Data protection 

Any personal information collected by Opinium in connection with this Prize Draw will be used in accordance with Opinium's Privacy Policy available here

8 Governing law and jurisdiction 

The Prize Draw and these Terms shall be governed by the law in the UK and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the United Kingdom courts. 

本抽獎活動(「本抽獎活動」)由 Opinium Research LLP(「Opinium」)負責進行。一經參加本抽獎活動,即表示您同意接受此等《條款及細則》(下稱「《條款與細則》」)約束。 

1 抽獎活動 

1.1 選出的五 (5) 位參加者將透過 PayPal 各自贏得 HK$1000 現金獎,供得獎者於香港使用。

1.2 獎項不可轉讓、不設退款且不可替換。 

1.3 得獎者將在獲選為得獎者後 14 天內,透過在回答問卷時所提供的電郵地址收到領取獎勵的邀請。如欲領取奬勵,得獎者必須遵守該電郵中列載的指引。

1.4 如果 Opinium 認為有所必要或出現超出其控制範圍的情況,Opinium 保留權利在任何階段暫停、取消或更改本抽獎活動。Opinium 將採取合理措施盡量減少其影響,以免令參加者失望。  

2 參加方式  

2.1 不一定要消費,才能參加活動。 

2.2 必須具有上網功能。 

3 參加期及抽獎日期

3.1 本抽獎活動參加期自發送問卷調查邀請起隨即開始。

3.2 2022 年 1 月 17 日 23:59(格林威治標準時間)後報名的參加者將不獲接受。 

3.3 抽獎活動將於 2022 年 1 月 31 日舉行。

4 參加資格 

4.1 本抽獎活動開放予擁有 Deliveroo 戶戶送活躍帳戶的香港居民。 

4.2 每人最多可參加抽獎一 (1) 次。不可使用多個身份。禁止使用自動參加、投票或其他程式,其將被取消資格。如您獲選為得獎者而 Opinium 隨後發現您曾多次參加,Opinium 保留權利撤回獎項。 

4.3 只接受透過網上問卷調查網上參加抽獎活動。  

4.4 Opinium、Deliveroo 戶戶送或任何其集團、聯屬或關聯公司的員工(及其近親)、代理或與本抽獎活動相關的任何其他人士均不可參加。 

4.5 Opinium 保留權利核實參加者參與本抽獎活動的資格。 

4.6 如因 Opinium 控制範圍以外的通訊問題而未能妥為收取參加內容,Opinium 概不承擔責任。  

4.8 如有合理原因相信參加者違反此等《條款及細則》,Opinium 可能全權酌情決定將相關參加內容作廢,並取消參加者參與本抽獎活動的資格。 

4.9 Opinium 保留權利審核參加內容,並保留權利酌情決定移除被視為冒犯、淫褻或不當的參加內容。 

5 獎項分配  

5.1 本抽獎活動結束後,將使用 Microsoft Excel 的隨機應用程式以從全部有效的參加內容隨機抽出得獎者,過程中會有獨立人士監督。得獎機會取決於收到的合資格參加內容數目。 

5.2 假如獲選得獎者不符合此等《條款及細則》列出的資格準則,Opinium 保留權利重新抽獎,並選出另一位得獎者。  

6 得獎通知 

6. Opinium 將把電郵發送至問卷調查上提供的電郵地址,以通知得獎者。若然 Deliveroo 戶戶送在七十二 (72) 小時內未能收到得獎者回應確認接受獎項,Opinium 保留權利撤回獎項並選出另一位得獎者。 

6.2 若然任何電郵基於任何原因而未能傳達予預定收件人,Opinium 恕不承擔責任。 

6.3 Opinium 擁有最終決定權,且不會就獎項分配發出通訊。 

6.4 在法律允許的最大範圍內,對於任何人士就本抽獎活動或接收或誤用任何獎項而招致的任何損失、損害或索賠,Opinium 概不負責。此等《條款與細則》的任何內容均不影響您的法定權利。  

7 資料保護 

Opinium 就本抽獎活動收集的任何個人資料將按照 Deliveroo 戶戶送的《私隱政策》使用,按此即可查看。  

8 管限法律及司法管轄區 


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