訂餐三次後,下張訂單即可享 $80 優惠,2019 年 3 月 19 日

  1. 於 30 天內(即「合資格期限」)訂餐三次並成功接收訂單的合資格顧客,將獲得共 $80 的現金獎賞供下張訂單使用。當 30 天的合資格期限開始時,顧客將收到電郵通知。
  2. 此優惠適用於年滿 18 歲或以上的香港居民,但不包括 Roofoods Limited (商用名稱「戶戶送 Deliveroo」)旗下員工及其代理。
  3. 此優惠只限於收到此推廣電郵地址關聯的戶戶送帳戶。
  4. 顧客第三張訂單送達後,將會透過電郵收到現金獎賞,並可在7天內優惠失效前兌換現金獎賞。
  5. 顧客一經兌換現金獎賞後,就可在14天內使用優惠在合資格的訂單上。
  6. 此優惠不能與其他推廣優惠同時使用。
  7. 此優惠不適用於戶戶送 Plus 顧客。
  8. 此優惠受戶戶送現金券和帳戶代用額條款與細則約束。詳情請看 https://deliveroo.hk/zh/legal。
  9. 宣傳機構為 Roofoods Limited。
  1. Eligible customers that place and receive three orders within 30 days (the 'eligibility period') will receive credit in the sum of $80 to use on their next order.  Customers will be notified by email when the 30 day eligibility period commences.
  2. Open to residents of Hong Kong aged 18 or over, excluding employees of Roofoods Limited (trading as "Deliveroo") and their agents.
  3. Only valid on Deliveroo accounts associated with the email address that received this promotion.
  4. The credit will be sent to the customer via email once their third order has been delivered and they will be given 7 days to apply the credit to their account before it expires.
  5. Once the credit has been applied to the account, the customer will be given 14 days to use the credit against eligible orders.
  6. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  7. Offer does not apply for Deliveroo Plus customers.
  8. Deliveroo Voucher and Account Credit Terms and Conditions apply.  See https://deliveroo.hk/legal for details.
  9. The promoter is Roofoods Limited.
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