ZA Card x Deliveroo 11% Rebate Promotion Terms & Conditions | ZA Card x Deliveroo戶戶送 推廣活動條款及細則

Terms & Conditions

  1. The promotion period is from 19 Oct 2020 to 31 Mar 2021 (both days inclusive) ("promotion period").
  1. The Promotion is only applicable to cardholders of ZA Card  ("Card holders" or "You").  
  1. For every 1 HKD spent at Deliveroo, card holders can receive 11 ZA Coins instantly, which can be redeemed to HKD 0.11 at the rate of 100 ZA Coin = HKD 1 in ZA Bank App.
  1. Card holders must have successfully linked ZA bank account to ZA Coin, a third-party reward scheme operated by ZA International Financial Services Limited ("ZAIF") to be eligible for this promotion.
  1. The Cap of ZA Coin earning per month is 20,000 ZA Coins (or HKD 200). If a single eligible transaction results in you earning more than the Cap, you will receive the ZA Coin up to the Cap.
  1. If a transaction is refunded or partially refunded, we will not re-set the Cap. For example, if you earned 20,000 ZA Coins, even that the transaction is subsequently refunded and we deducted part or all the ZA Coins from the Cap for this transaction, you are not entitled to any ZA Coins for the rest of the month. However, if a transaction is reversed, the Cap will be re-set to the amount as if the ZA Coins are not earned.
  1. ZA Coin earned from an Eligible Transaction shall be credited to Card holder's ZA Coin account operated by ZAIF within short amount of time. ZA Bank will use its best endeavour to provide the necessary information to ZAIF to facilitate this purpose, however ZA Bank makes no warranty that the ZA Coins earned will be accurately credited to ZA Coin account operated by ZAIF and accepts no liability for failure or delay in the crediting of ZA Coin to the your ZA Coin account for any reason beyond ZA Bank's control.
  1. ZA Bank is not the supplier of the products/ services or the description, photos or reference prices in relation to the products/ services published in this website. Any enquiry, claim or complaint in relation to the quality or availability of the products/ services or the accuracy of any of the aforementioned information contained in the website shall be directed to the relevant supplier. ZA Bank shall assume no liability in respect thereof.
  1. The transaction amount must be no less than HKD 1 to earn ZA Coin.
  1. If the ZA Coin unit earned is not an integer, we will adjust the ZA Coin to the nearest integer
  1. All Rewards cannot be transferred unless otherwise specified herein.
  1. ZA Bank reserves the right to adjust, withdraw or cancel the Promotion, and to amend or revise any of these Terms in relation to the Promotion from time to time without prior notice and without assigning any reasons whatsoever.
  1. In case of any ambiguity, doubts or disputes arising out of or under any of these Terms or any communications, the decision of ZA Bank is final and conclusive in all circumstances without assigning any reasons whatsoever and no correspondence will be entered into.
  1. No other than the Participant and ZA Bank (includes its successors and assigns) will have any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance to enforce or enjoy the benefit of any of the provision of these Terms.
  1. These Terms are governed in all respects by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The parties submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  1. In the event of any discrepancy or inconsistencies between the English and Chinese versions of these T&Cs, the English version shall prevail.


  1. 推廣活動期由2020 年 10 月 19  日至 2021 年 3 月 31 日(包含首尾兩日)("推廣活動期")。
  1. 推廣僅適用於持有ZA Card 的用戶("持卡人"或"你")。
  1. 持卡人於Deliveroo戶戶送每簽賬 HKD 1 可獲得 11 個 ZA Coin,而後可於ZA Bank App 以每 100 個 ZA Coin = HKD1比例兌換為現金 HKD 0.11。
  1. 持卡人須成功將銀行賬戶連接至 ZA Coin(由眾安國際金融服務有限公司營運的第三方獎勵計劃),才能參與推廣。
  1. 每月可賺取 ZA Coin上限為 20,000 個(可兌換成 HKD 200)。如果單一一筆合資格交易導致你取的ZA Coin超過上限,則你將獲得以上限為限數量的ZA Coin。
  1. 如果交易被退款或部分退款,我們將不會重新設置上限。例如,如果你通過某筆交易獲得20,000 個 ZA Coin,即使該交易隨後被退款,並且我們從上限內由該交易中扣除了部分或全部ZA Coin,該月你仍然無權獲得任何ZA Coin。不過,如果交易被取消,上限將被重新設置 好像沒有獲得ZA Coin 。
  1. 合資格簽賬所賺取的 ZA Coin 將會在短時間内由ZAIF存入你的「 ZA Coin」 賬戶。為此本行 將盡力向ZAIF提供所需資料,但對於ZAIF能否準確存入 ZA Coin 於你的「ZA Coin」賬戶、任何於本行控制範圍以外的錯誤或延遲存入,本行毋須負上任何責任。
  1. ZA Bank 不是產品/服務、或網站中有關產品/服務描述、圖片、參考價格的供應商。關於產品/服務的質量、供應情況或網站公佈上述任何信息的準確性的任何查詢,要求或投訴,應直接聯繫相關供應商。 ZA Bank對此不承擔任何責任。
  1. 交易金額須不少於港幣1元才能賺取ZA Coin。
  1. 如果賺取的 ZA Coin單位不是整數,我們將會調整為最接近之整數。
  1.  除有其他規定外,所有獎勵將不可以轉讓。
  1. ZA Bank保留對本推廣活動條款及細則的修訂、取消的權力,ZA Bank也無需在本推廣活動條款及細則,獎勵方式發生改變時提前通知,也沒有告知變更原因的義務。
  1. 若因本活動條款及條件或任何溝通過程中產生的任何歧義、疑問或爭議,ZA Bank擁有最終決策權而無需告知理由。
  1. 除參與者和ZA Bank(包括其繼承人和受讓人)以外,沒有其他人有權根據《合同(第三方權利)條例》執行或享受本條款任何規定的利益。
  1. 上述活動條款及細則受香港特別行政區法律管轄,並按其進行解釋。當事人受到香港特別行政區法院管轄。
  1. 本條款的中英文版本如有任何歧異或不一致,概以英文版為準。
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